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Newbie question - How do you time the sessions?

I have just started C25k and have, through work, signed up to weekly sessions with a running coach. Bit scary as I hadn't realised how unfit I was...

It's fine having someone to tell you how long you've got left to walk or run, but what's the best way to keep track of time when I'm running on my own? (Going to do my first solo session tomorrow).

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You can download the c25k podcasts (MP3 files you can play through your phone) or the c25k app. here:


Thank you! I've just put that on my iPod ready for the morning.


Did my first solo session this morning - started early and was back home by 7am. Quite proud of myself that I did it.

Seemed easier doing it by myself than with the group at work... Or is it just me?


I just use a wristwatch with a stopwatch on it, it's a Timex Iron Man one and it wasn't too expensive (although I won't be doing any iron man competitions) ;-)


there are also lots of free apps for your phone that have the c25k times, myrun, total c25k ,and many more, just search c25k or running app, some will also track and map your route at the same time and show you how far and fast you are, which is more useful post grad!

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