Question about calf pain

We've done week 6 run 2 and went a nice slow and steady pace. Since I've started this programme I've had shin pain/calf pain but only in my left leg. Today we've done loads more stretching to see if it helps at all. It's the only thing bothering me at all. I was told at the running shop that I land heavier on my left leg so assume that's why I'm getting it only in one leg. I also have Sorbathane insoles in my Brooks Adrenalin.

This may be a stupid question but does anyone think if I only put the gel insole in my left shoe and the normal insole in my right it'd help. Or is that stupid. It's pain on the inside of my calf going from my inside ankle bone to about half way up. Think it's called 'anterior' but not sure.

Any advice gratefully received. I'm hoping the stretching has helped. I'll know in the morning. I also walk many hours so have swapped from my wellies (even though they are brilliant and top of the range) to my Salamon Boots.

One more question. Does anybody do stretches before setting off if you start longer periods of running with no week 6 run 3 onwards?

Thank you if you can help. We have a 5km on Sunday so just want to be as fit as possible so I can complete it as it's for our local hospice £600 between us so far :)

Barbara xx


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10 Replies

  • Ooh Barbara, ouch!! I can't really help I'm afraid other than keeping my fingers crossed that you're as fit as a fiddle for the run on Sunday! x

  • Thanks AliPru too! I think the adrenalin will take over to be honest. Then I'll be hurting after!

  • Hi Barbara, why not try a gel insole in just one shoe if you think it might help? If it feels weird just cut your run short and chalk it up to experience. Have to say, I love my gel insoles (cheapy Dunlop ones) and can't imagine running without them now. Stretching after a run is always to be recommended but it's not necessarily a good idea before you run. A better bet is to have a longer warm up walk, 10min rather than 5, especially now the weather is so cold. You could also try foam rollering your calf muscle to see if that helps. Very very best of luck with your 5k on Saturday. You've raised a serious amount of money and you should be very proud. :(

  • Thanks AM. I think I'll try that on Friday. We are planning to do some laps of our local cricket ground as we've never run on grass and the 5km is on grass. We may not do a structured long run....maybe some walk/runs as we want to hold a bit back for Sunday,if you get me! Will try the insole just in my left shoe and see what happens. Must buy a foam roller....might get the rolling pin out

  • I always do a good warm up in the house and I do a warm up walk once outside. The aim is to be well warm brfore starting to run

  • Thanks Miss W. I think I will start to do that and maybe walk a bit was absolutely freezing today :) xx

  • If you get good and warm before you go out then you're not exercising cold muscles. They need to be warmed up to make them more elastic, so less prone to injury

    I ran tonight, in the dark. It was the thought of food that kept me going. I'd made some spicy roast roots soup with pickings from the garden

  • Absolutely delicious sounding soup...yum! I'm obsessed with butternut squash soup at the mo. Will definitely be warming up. I'm quite stiff today but don't have that awful calf pain. My neighbour mentioned foam rollers....she used her rolling pin!! :) xx

  • I have suffered on and off from calf pain and shin pain. Personally I have found what works for me - I start my warm up walk, pause if after about 3 mins when I have some warmth in my muscles and do some stretches before I then finish my warm up walk. Obviously after I finish I do stretches as well. Hope it helps :)

  • Oh that's a good idea then I'm not stretching totally cold muscles. Thank you very much :)

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