So proud!

When we were on holiday my hubby overheard a comment, it went like this:

The setting is a rather steep hill up to hotel from the beach, I used to sometimes run up this hill, why some may ask, well because I can.

Couple I ran past commented, "My god that older lady must be very fit, or desperate for the loo"!! My hubby who was following now well behind me says, "No she's OK but is really quite fit and can run 10K no problem" The chap says, my god thats impressive, she's a darn good swimmer too cos I was watching her in the pool earlier on.

When my hubby told me about this conversation I was so proud and said to him that I was, his reply was "Not half as proud as I am of you" Oh boy there is so much more to C25K to be thankful for than we realise.

So those of you just starting out, keep going, its well worth all the effort and most of all enjoy it. :)


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18 Replies

  • Wonderful ! :-)

  • Well said! :-)

  • Abso-bloomin-lutely!

  • and so you should be! super!

  • Thats great! Be very proud; you deserve to be!

  • :) :). Smiling for you! :) :)

  • Great :)

  • :)

  • Hi Hi Liz - hope you have a Speedo swimsuit - it certainly describes you well :-).

    Soooo glad you had such a great holiday and to be able to bask in your fitness and a proud husband - as you say C25K has a ripple effect into all sorts of areas of our lives :-).

    Liz... just curious and you don't have to answer... are you just genetically blessed or do you suffer from any joint pain at all? You really are amazing... any little tips for getting to be like you when I'm 70 whatsit? :-)

    Hugs and welcome back and sooooo pleased you hadn't fallen off the edge somewhere

    Sara :-) xox

  • I haven't got to my 70's yet Sara so don't know. But apart from sciatica, asthma and irregular heart beat I'm ticking away quite nicely just now. But I have to say that not having run for 4 weeks due to sciatic in right hip before holidays then 2 weeks away I found my recovery run this morning quite hard going. But at least I'm back out there again. I managed 3Km in 19 minutes this morning but decided not to push my luck and headed home for breakfast. Sunday will try and do a 5-6K with luck.

  • Oooh mea culpa Liz! For some reason i had a memory of you saying that at 74 you were the oldest member, obviously my memory requires some tinkering and re-adjustment - hmmmmm :-)!!

    Glad you're taking it slowly Liz, good luck on Sunday, I'll send some good strong vibes your way, Sara :-) xox

  • That post brought tears to my eyes! I am proud of you too :-)

    Andrea x

  • Me too! I'm all tingly! We're all proud of you xx

  • You have every right to be proud, your attitude and achievements are an inspiration to us all. :-)

  • I love your post, that must be such a wonderful feeling, although I'm hoping I won't be called an 'older lady' for quite some time yet ;-)

    I can't remember if you do yoga aswell? I just ask as there are some very good moves for opening up the pelvis and lower back. I've had sciatic pain a couple of times and I've really found it helps. I think yoga is the perfect complement to running (for me, anyway). I know that I've benefitted also from strengething the muscles and ligaments, especially around my knees, which stops you holding yourself badly - its good for prevention of ills and aches, not just fixing them.

    Long may you continue to enjoy running and swimming, not to mention impressing total strangers with your athletic prowess!

  • Hi vixiej, I don't do yoga but do pilates which is very good for all over body toning and does help stregthen the main body core. The sciatica is a total mystery as to why it flares up. The first time I had it I tried to get out of bed in the morning and could hardly move. I am very wary now if I get so much as a niggle in my back and hip because the full blown sciatica which I had left me unable to walk for nearly 4 weeks and the pain was incredible. I'm not going down that path again in a hurry if I can help it.

  • Yes, pilates is very good and yoga and pilates have very similar physical benefits. I must admit that I didn't get into it, but I just liked the yoga teacher better at the time I tried it (its amazing how much difference the teacher makes)

    It might be worth you looking at yin yoga to complement the running and pilates - it consists mostly of relaxing into a bolster on the floor and breathing deeply until the connective tissue relaxes (rather than muscle work in hatha yoga and pilates) - I've had no pain since I started doing it, it's very restorative and it is a very gentle way to open out the pelvis and lower back, so less likely to actually cause any niggles (there is always a risk with doing triangle, warrior, etc in hatha yoga, especially if you are not fully warmed up). I've just bought a bolster for at home, so I can do it anytime now, whenever I get a twinge I can just spend 5 minutes on my mat and bolster and breathe into it for 5 minutes or so. I can't tell you enough how great it makes me feel :-)

    You probably just rolled over awkwardly in your sleep :-( Fingers crossed that it doesn't flare up again.

  • Thanks for that info I'll have a look and see if there are any classes in my area for yin yoga.

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