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Cant get out for a run :(

After losing and finding my mojo, I am so frustrated that I cant get out for a run this week. I only have 3 x wk9 runs left to do but unfortunately the end of the c25k plan coincided with school holidays :(

I had planned to do my first parkrun on saturday as my final c25k run but the timings wont work. I'm heading to my mums (aka babysitter) on friday so I can do run 1 then and parkrun will be run 2. Hopefully I can graduate next monday then.

Good luck to everyone this week. Keep moving and dont get sunburnt :)

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Don't stress!! You will get there - even if a little delayed. Just enjoy the journey!! :)


You'll get there... take it easy, enjoy, and happy graduation in a week's time :)


Well done on getting this far. Good luck for the Park Run. I still haven't tried one (I am too shy). I keep looking at the results of my localish park run and will enter when my time gets better :). I look forward to your graduation post. :)


I am shy too. Both my local ones are full of speedy serious runners - no buggies/beginners/walkers. And my time means I'd be last. By quite a way lol. But I'm highly competitive and I have made it my mission to come in last no matter what. I think it will be a good learning process for me, break down some of my fears and bring my ego down a peg or two :)

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Dont worry, you'll get there, enjoy the wonderful journey that is C25K, you'll arrive soon enough :)

Thanks for the heads up on sunburn. I got a little reddened on my sunday run. I'm now running with a hat ! I have very pale skin, and very little hair on top, so I burn very easily. So it's a baseball cap and lashings of factor 50 for me :D


Ouch. Keep slathered up Zev


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