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Hot hot hot!!!

Had a massive high on Saturday after knocking a huge 3 1/2 minutes off my PB. I'm still not quick but at least I'm knocking on the door of respectable now!

I went out today for a slightly longer run, around 7k, and was completely done in just before the 3k mark! I'd been consciously trying to take it steady, working on stamina rather than speed, but i don't think I'd realised quite how much the heat would affect me. It's the first run I've done where the sun has been a factor! I had to stop for a breather, and had to sit down and take some deep breaths trying not to a. Pass out or b. Throw up. I carried on in the end, though I did walk a chunk in the middle. I wonder how much of it was psychosomatic - I didn't have my emergency fiver on me, so couldn't have stopped to buy a drink if I'd needed it (emergency fiver lives in the pocket of my running jacket, and has been untouched since beginning c25k in Jan!).

Any hints and tips for running in the sun please?

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I see nobody has replied yet! I don't have the answer as I haven't really experienced running in the heat. It didn't seem that hot today, just pleasant. Have you considered that it might not have been the heat, and that you're just attributing a bad run to it?

There's lots of factors that can make a run hard going - hydration, what you've eaten, if you're trying too hard, ar maybe it's just one of those days we all have.

Don't sweat about it (no pun intended). Just put it out of your mind and have a good next run.


Well, given I woke up this morning with a stinking cold, I think you might be right - it probably wasn't the heat after all! Good news I suppose, but it doesn't feel like it right now 😰


It does make a big difference! My times in Cuba dropped about 4 minutes for 5K , AND I was like a lobster when I finished. Recovery took much longer too.

Also ran in the middle east a few years back. Only recommendations I have are to run very early or very late, drink plenty of water and take it easy!


Oh dear! You've made me realise that I'm not ready for the heat either :-( I started the C25K programme in January so it's fair to say I haven't run in any conditions approaching warm (yet). Perhaps a checklist is needed: 1. sunblock (for balding head in my case), 2. bottle of water that can be carried, 3. cap (rather than warming woolly hat), 4. shorts (rather than tights), 5. an acceptance that running slowly is a good idea .

I climbed Whernside today with my daughter and it was expletive hot once the fog / mist disappeared. Certainly glad to be carrying lots of water with me. Haven't got one of those bottles with a wierd carrying handle for runners. Are they any good? Any other additions?


One small patch of sunburn today - sunblock is a must from now on!


I find it useful to have something to shade the eyes (baseball cap is favourite) and you do need to make sure you hydrate well (but I don't feel the need to take water out with me unless its a long run), wear less (or at least layers you can shed!) and run slower at least to start (running early/late is a good idea and take every opportunity of running in the rain!).


I think I need to dig out a baseball cap. Haven't worn one for years!


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