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Getting back to basics

I am going to post this on here as well as c25k. After my successes with weight loss and fitness over the previous 18 months, I have lapsed since the beginning of the year. I was blaming the weather, starting with hurricane force winds on the 3rd of January and seemingly non stop wet and windy since. However, that was not really a good enough reason as there was always the treadmill. I was still going to jog Scotland and aqua-fit but my portion control eating habits lapsed as well.

So today, more or less on the first anniversary of my graduation, I was out with Laura again on week 4. (The reason for starting there is that my I Pod isn't working properly & I can only play that podcast. I will be buying a new player of some sort, but that's scary, as the hardest part of c25k for me last year was the technology! :-).)

On the eating front, the meals are planned & calorie counted, there is a batch of home made hummus in the fridge and a big pan of soup on the stove. I plan to kick off the 3 kilos I put on over the winter plus the 2 I didn't previously get rid of.

No marathon this year, but will be doing 5 & 10 ks and maybe consider a half next year.

Now I have my bus pass I will use it to get to town to the gym a couple of times a week as well.

I am really looking forward to doing this and feeling as fit as I did last year.

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Great to hear from you again Windswept. I'm sure you'll be knocking out those 5k and 10ks again very soon :)


Thank you, I hope so.


Hi Windswept,

Good luck with the programme and the weight loss. I have managed to get down to my target weight, and in spite of Easter eggs, an determined to keep the lard off.


Well done, and thank you. Chocolate is not an issue for me as I don't like anything sweet. It's the savouries like cheese & crisps that do for me.


It's the combination of a weight control plan and the running that works for me. Each one provides focus for the other. I find that I am less tempted to eat more than I should because I have a running goal and I am running better because I avoid poor food choices. Once you're back at post-grad levels, and it won't be long im sure, you might consider having other goals to keep you motivated. My choice is to plan and enter one public event every month. The theory (and its working for me) is that I won't get out of shape because, in order of most to least motivating,

- I want to improve my running through competition

- these races have entry fees and I don't want to lose my money

- there's bling involved, and you can't beat a good piece of bling (just being honest there....)

- I don't want to embarrass myself in public

So far I've never got down to the last one!

Anyhow, you're doing the right thing. One last tip: drink plenty of water. It's a very simple but effective appetite suppressant and its good for the running anyway. Good luck !


Thanks Rob, My first goal is 5k local equivalent of a race for life, which got me started on this anyway. (We don't have enough people for an official race for life.)

I am certainly not competitive and generally prefer to run on my own and I really do not expect or want to get any faster. However, I do plan to continue to enter 5 & 10 ks this year.

I certainly won't do a marathon again, but there is a particular half that I like the sound of that I may aim for next year.

My motivation is that I feel so much fitter and it keeps the weight down naturally. I drink plenty of water as well.

I take it your Westie doesn't do long runs? I found one last week that had gone missing on a walk, but we soon reunited it with its owner. I can't imagine it would be able to do any lengthy runs. :-)


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