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Getting started + Questions

Hello, I'm Emily and I'm 16 years old. I am so excited to begin my C25K thinking about starting tomorrow as week 1!! I have got the 12 week plan of the NHS. I have a few questions, in order to become as fit as possible do I need to create a eating plan as well. What do I need to eat in a day to accommodate my fitness plan. I have no idea about food.

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Hi Emily,

Well done for deciding to participate in C25K!

What is your goal?


Not sure what the nutritional guidelines are for a 16 year old young lady.

However... for me... (8 stone lost this year)

More protein - Chicken, Fish, Eggs, Beans (not just baked!)

Less Carbs - Bread, potato, pasta, rice

Much more veg!

Don't go OTT on fruit, but do eat it daily.

Try not to cut ANYTHING from your diet, you'll only crave it more. Just moderate how often you treat yourself.


Eat breakfast every morning, lunch every lunchtime and dinner every evening, you'll not be hungry.

Eat clean, home prepared food.

myfitnesspal is a great food tracking app (free)


Thanks for the advice, decided to start on Monday so I can get more prepared!! congratulations on 8 stone lost. Was that all on c25k??


You are welcome and thank you.

I started C25K in July and finished it in the 9 weeks.

My weight loss started mid December last year and has been consistently down each week since then.

Running has increased the loss rate a bit.

My story is in my past posts.


Hi Emily and welcome onto the C25K forum! :)

Where did you get the 12 week plan from?

I use the NHS C25K plan from the website (follow the link above by clicking 'About') and it's only 9 weeks.

You will get told on here quite a lot (because it's great advice) to simply jog as slow and as steady as you can. You are not racing anyone! Stick to that and you won't go wrong.

Great advice there also from Noclue...just eat sensibly and don't snack between meals.

Anyway, good luck with it and keep us posted with your progress. :)


Following a similar query yesterday I had a look and found that the NHS are now offering this nhs.uk/Livewell/fitness/Pag... which combines C25k and Strength and Flex over 12 weeks.


For everyone asking I found my plan on the NHS which offer that as well as a strength and flex workout routine. I am really excited, I have planned out my diet switching from processed foods, experimenting with a lot of different meals, no red meat more white meat! And even going to try some juices as my mum is a juicer. Not looking forward to giving up some foods but the end result is all I can think about. I was going to wait until the new year to start my fitness but I thought why not just start now? Think it will be hard at first but really looking forward to a challenge. Thanks for all the answers!


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