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Back to basics ... literally!

Morning all :-)

Haven't posted for a while ... graduated in Feb 2016 after a lifetime of never thinking I could run for the bus never mind complete a programme like this ... and all went swimmingly. I ran a 10k 4 months later, a half marathon 8 months into it all and never looked back ... but ... I guess I wanted to post today as I found this forum such an inspiration when I was starting out but I see many posts from you lovely people who for one reason or another struggle with certain weeks, with life getting in the way and all other every day hassles that seem sent to thwart our plans at the least opportune times ... and it happens to us all. I hit a really flat period around November last year when everything seemed to get away from me.

My 3 times a week runs dwindled to 2 or 1 and I promised myself that after Christmas I'd start again. I never really managed to get off the ground due to a combination of work pressure and a brush with depression which was new to me in the severity it came. I don't mean this to sound glib as I know many suffer horrendously with the condition, but for me I just had to ride the storm and hope that I'd be back one day ...

Over the last few weeks I've tried a couple of times with my best run being 25 minutes and yesterday I managed 11 minutes which was a wake up!!! I almost laughed out loud at myself and felt like hanging up my shoes for good but then I remembered the days starting out when things seemed impossible and I am using my C25K journey to try and remuster that spirit. I basically feel like I'm starting all over again but you know what? If that's what it takes then I'm ready again now ... so apart from this post being a little 'hi' again to everyone, I hope it also serves as a tiny motivator for those who are finding this tough ... it's tough because this is hard work but often the hardest work is in the mind ... hang in there, life will get in the way sometimes, but there's always a way back and I think I've found mine again :-)

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Hello again, welcome back 🙂

Glad that you have got your running shoes back on. Now seems a good time as the weather is warming up, spring has sprung and everywhere looks fresh and inviting. I hit the trail yesterday and all of life is out there. I find it replenishes the spirit no end 😀

Running is refreshingly simple but so good for heart and mind. I hope you can get your mojo back. Good luck 👍


Lovely to hear from you again wez 😀 You did so well running a half marathon only 8 months into your running. The good thing about running in my opinion is that the way back in is straight forward. There will always be times and situations which make regular running difficult to achieve. I would go back to the programme, it worked so well first time round. In fact I was thinking just this morning as I went for a run that it might be a good idea to re-do it once a year, working on speed a bit because it is a great way to train. At the moment I do my regular runs and once or twice a week I re-do the C25K with zero pressure but trying to maintain a faster pace than usual. It is tough but even if you only manage 2 runs a week, you get through the programme in no time. Start somewhere easyish, maybe W3, you'll be done in no time really and you can skip some.

Bad times pass too. Hope everything looks brighter soon.

I think you'll be back where you were very soon. Stay positive, enjoy your running and head off with a smile.


I love this post! As you say, most of our struggles are in our minds.


Welcome back! It's amazing how fast we lose it, but it's also amazing how fast it all comes back. I think winter is the time when many of us struggle with running and lack of exercise doesn't help depression. But spring is here and I'm sure you'll get back into it. 👍

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Most important thing is that you are back :)

Your post sounds very familiar (minus the half-marathon bit! Go you!) and the best thing is that you are wanting to continue :)

I have found that getting back into it has been helped by the pressure of a charity 10k run in May.

I entered it middle of last year- I was loving it all back then- but as Christmas approached, came and went I had put on 19lbs since then (back comfortably into 'obese' :( ) and had to seriously weigh up getting into gear (quite literally!) or dropping out.

The pressure did almost buckle me but thankfully some self-help, deep thought and that internal desire to want to change (again) helped :)

Good luck :)

Maybe another race to enter for yourself could incentivise?


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