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W5R3. I can't believe what I just did


I'm afraid to sit down because I think my legs will seize up, so instead I'm walking about with a massive grin on my face. Never, never did I think I'd be able to run for 20 minutes, but I just have and it feels amazing. Not sure I'll ever fall in love with running like some of you have, but at least having done this, I know I can complete the whole programme.

Thanks everyone for sharing your stories on this forum, I'm sure that's what's making the difference - that and Sanjeev Kohli's soothing tones.

To anyone else just starting out, if I can do this, so can you. Now off to treat myself to a very large coffee.

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Congratulations fellow morning runner. Well don on your run, W5R3 feel so special doesn't it. Like all those weeks of running and now you can go 20mins without stopping.

Make sure you stretch after your cool down walk - and take a bit longer on the cool down walk too, if you have the time. Also, if you haven't already, get yourself a foam roller to sooth those muscles. Failing that a nice warm bath.

Be mindful of W6, it's just a bit weird going back to intervals after this last run, and plenty get caught out thinking it will be easy. It's not, there are no easy weeks and this plan on goes in one direction - progress. Well done 👏👏

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Really helpful advice, thanks so much.

It's the buzz at the end of the run that makes its all worthwhile isn't it! 😬😬


Isn't it amazing! Sitting now with a large coffee, huge stupid grin on my face, and slightly shaking. I did it! Like you I have just completed W5R3 :-D

Believe it! Well done, runner! Such a good feeling, eh? You put the work in, and of course you managed it. 😀👏

Weirdly, I am not looking forward to going back to intervals!


Very well done... a happy runner...perfect!


Well done


You might yet fall in love...many do 😁

I'm just starting week 5 on Monday so I hope I can get there like you have. Well done 👍

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Seriously - if I can do it then you absolutely can. Best of luck with it.

Brilliant achievement. Hopefully this is me tomorrow 🏃👏

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Good luck - you can do it


I fell in love at week 7. So you still have time... 😁

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