Summer Racing Begins with a Boom!!

Summer Racing Begins with a Boom!!

After having been shackled to the dreadmill for the past 5 months, I did my first 5k of the season yesterday. My hard work over the past 2 years of working out with a trainer, running some new and challenging routes, and watching my diet, has started to pay off. I've dropped 30 pounds. Becoming 'lighter' has allowed me to run faster and longer.

I came home with some 2nd place bling for my age group yesterday and also met a local running legend, who is 95 years young. Since he was the only runner in his age group (70 & over) he won a 1st place medal. He told me he began running at the age of 58 and has completed 5 marathons and numerous HMs. He's a cancer survivor and he had a hip replacement last year. All I could say was, "WOW!" Now he only does 5ks and prefers trail running. I came in at a time of 48 min and he came in with 51 min. I waited for him and joined him at the finish line so I could run in with him. We also ran for a good cause--the Salvation Army.

We discovered that we're both running a 5k together this coming Saturday.

It's great to be running outdoors again and back on the racing circuit. Here's is a picture of me and my new running buddy, Al.


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  • Absolutely Brilliant, good luck to you both :)

  • Thank you. I've heard his name in running circles but never had met him and it was an honor to run with him. He is a legend in two counties.

  • Hi there Gin! Good to see you back. Shackled to the dreadmill!!! Aaaagh. You're free of it now though so that's all right then

    Love your news!!!!! Lovely photo too. You're such an inspirational lady Ginbin and proof positive of just how much we can achieve if we only shift our ar*e!

    Dropping some pounds does make you run faster! I dropped a few pounds for my last race and I felt much less lumpy round my middle. No need to carry unnecessary ballast is there! LOL

    Enjoy your run with Al. I dare say he will have some tips to pass on

  • Thanks, MW. Yes, I think I can learn from him. I first heard about him in December at a Santa Run in a neighboring county. In fact, it was from a woman who lives in FL but came home for the Christmas holidays who asked me if I knew of him. He's a delightful man. When I told my 93 y/o mother about him, she asked me if he's married. :)

  • Ha ha! Good old ma! Do you do trail running Ginbin? I do and I really like it. You have to be careful where you put your feet, and it does slow you down a bit but that doesn't really matter in the scheme of things. I just like being away from traffic and on a softer surface. My knees certainly prefer it. You might arrange to run a trail with him too

  • I actually do my running in a nearby cemetery, where I get all types of terrain and some hills. It is also away from traffic and I don't need to worry that anyone is going to want to stop and talk...LOL...I use my warm up walk to the cemetery and then I run the perimiter and do some zig-zagging on the roads that make grave accessible to cars and foot traffic.

    A few weeks ago when I did a virtual 10k with the C-25kers FB group, I had two doe leap over the fence that goes around the cemetery. It was truly a sight to behold...a Kodak moment.

    I also run one of the city trails, which are maintained and kept in excellent condition by the county. We have a trail system that spans into neighboring counties and I take my bike on them. Soon time to load the bike rack on my car....

  • That sounds fab! Well maintained trails. Now there's a things. Ours is not bad but folks abuse it and leave bags of dog crap all over the place. Grrr I was watching deer on my hike the other day, when I got lost! We had them in our binocular view but couldn't decide what sort they were. They were really dark, unless that was just their winter coat.

    I don't have a bike but I get around on my two legs. Might have to take up roller skating again, a bit like Melanie. Remember her? "Don't go too fast, but I go pretty far .......yeah yeah

  • Brilliant! What a terrific tale of grit and determination. Just goes to show, it doesn't matter how slow you go - it's the DOING of it that counts! Well done to both of you - and tell Al to keep at it. No slacking!!!

  • Inspiring stuff ginbin. Thanks.

  • Aaaagh that's brilliant. Well done. Love the picci!

  • What an inspiring pair you make! Enjoy your running!

  • Love, love, love this report Ginbin!

    You are awesome 😍

    Well, is he?? .....married that is!


  • That sounds wonderful. So nice of you to finish together too :)

  • Fab stuff Ginbin ! Lovely photo, you are an inspiration xxx

  • Great going Ginbin, well done m'dear x

  • All I can say is "wow"! Amazing for both of you . ginbin, you've done so so well and your dedication has paid off. And how lovely to have found a new running friend! Lovely photo.

  • Congratulations and well done Ginbin. Lovely post.

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