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Almost scuppered by new socks and need advice about joint care!

Hi all! Graduated a year ago but stopped running so starting off again, just completed week 4 and already wondering why I ever stopped! Even with a hangover and feeling pants I still went for a run today and it was great! It almost wasn't though, I bought some new sports socks yesterday which are a lot thinner than my normal ones and for some reason seem a bit slidey in my trainers, during my warm up walk my feet were slipping around in my trainers which was very weird so ended up having to tie my trainers on really tight which made the run a bit uncomfortable, looks like I'll have to be darning my old socks! Sooooo looking forward to week 5 next week, then will be away at the seaside for week 6, going to take my trainers and hoping to have a few good runs along the cliffs.

Anyway enough if my ramblings, can anyone recommend the best vitamins/oils to take for joints? At the age of 33 I'm getting a few more joint aches than I'd like after a run (especially in my left hip weirdly), I went to the supermarket and was just baffled by the vitamins on offer so looking for some recommendations. I'm a bit hard up at the moment so nothing fancy would be cod liver oil still the supplement of choice for joints?

Thanks for reading and happy running!

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Welcome! I'll be interested to see the responses, I'm the same age, same hip twinges sometimes. I've been trying to remember to diligently take small fish oils as they were recommended by a chiropractor (and the vet for the mutts). And good for you running hung over. That's never pretty for me.


Oh, and stretch your hip flexors - check YouTube for videos. I should do these everyday, they always slip my mind


I used glucosamine for ages - about a year. I thought it made a little difference to my joints but it played havoc with my tummy. When I stopped my tummy got much better and it made no difference to my joints.

Recently I've done c25k and generally my joints feel much better (except perhaps immediately after a run when my hips and knees make themselves known). Cod liver oil is probably a better idea.


I take glucosamine. It can be one of those things that causes tummy upsets, but it doesn't seem to disagree with me. Takes at least a month before it has any effect, but I'm happy with it. Might be placebo effect!


I only take one thing (I'm 57) and that's omega 3 fish oil.. tesco one is quite cheap as is seven seas. if you have painful joints, as i did in my hands particularly, i gave up boozing and fruit juice. I have arthritis in my big toe and the omega 3 keeps the pain away.


My hips were painful in weeks 1 and 2 but have been fine since. I had a mild allergic reaction last time I tried Omega 3 but I think I will try them again as I think they will be beneficial.


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