I'm an athlete (?)

(Well I joined an athletics club). :-) :-)

Groucho Marx said "I wouldn't want to belong to any club that would have me as a member", however, I went out for a run with the local athletics club and was made really welcome.

They did a 5k run and cheered me over the line when I finished. Managed a PB (just over 28 mins) and wasn't last, so was well chuffed.

They have training events most days and a real mix of ages and abilities. Hoping this will help to take me forward now that Laura has got me to this stage.

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  • That sounds like a great way to advance your running and athletics adventures.

    You most certainly are now an athlete and the club just proves it ;)

  • Love the Groucho quote! Congrats on the PB - what a great introduction to being an official 'athlete'!

  • Well done OG - a cracking time! An athlete indeed!

  • Well done OG that is a splendid time.

  • Fantastic! Thats a great 5k time, glad you enjoyed it ! ๐Ÿ˜Š

  • Fabulous! Congrats on the PB.

  • It sounds like you had a really fun evening. Well done on the PB and not coming last. That must have been such an amazing feeling. Enjoy the running club old_git

  • thanks everyone, As you can tell it was a real high! (Nearly as good as graduating) :-)

  • Well done...its a brave step. It sounds really welcoming and well done on your PB, they will be really helpful to get you to your goals :)

  • congrats OG! And an impressive PB! Sounds like a great club!

  • Great PB OG. They should be proud to have you onboard with a time like that on your first run.

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