Walk the Walk and Talk the Talk (or the case of the disappearing Joiner)

It was the Joiners fault - he was telling me he belonged to a running club, Wednesday nights - 6.30pm. I went along - no joiner to be seen so I found the boss guy - "I'm new here - Clive the joiner made me come." The boss smiled and asked if I'd run before. 'Oh yeah I've got a badge - but to be honest I'm a bit of a beginner'. And so I joined Southport and Waterloo Athletics Club and what a lovely bunch of friendly people.

We set off - a bit faster than I was used to - we went up things called hills - and I was having conversations with people runners - talking the talk - at least for the first mile. Then the hills seemed to get bigger and the tops started moving away from me just before I reached them. Finally we stopped. Then we had to run a lot faster up a long hill. Then walk back a little way then jog. Then a much bigger hill - to me it was soooo much bigger. Then a short walk and talk and then back to a jog. We did this seven times. Then we ran home.

I learnt a lot of things and my recovery was pretty quick - no rolling around on the floor playing 'dead ants'. And I learned that I could talk and run at a pace a bit faster than I was used to - having others about helps to drag you along. While I was stretching at the end the boss came over: "Well done - You've just done the intermediate group - We don't really have a beginners class on Wednesdays, we do an 'easy run' on Mondays if you want to pop along!" It was lucky the joiner was not here!!!

So I ran for around sixty minutes with spurty bits and walked for ten - big step from ten weeks ago run one minute, walk one and a half. For those of you just starting out the results of this programme are amazing :) Right I have to polish my badge...



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38 Replies

  • Awesome work! What is with disappearing hill tops?

  • Thank you Lady P - It's all an optical illusion or something to do with E.U. Standard Hilltop regulations. Either way - and I'm new to this but those hilltops really do seem to have a mind of their own :)

  • I am exhausted just reading that !! Wow..Well done

  • Thank you Henpen - I got exhausted writing it - nothing seems to move on my body now except my fingers - Running Daughter is back to London and I've no-one to push me wheelchair.

  • Thats sounds really tough ! Well done you! Quite achievement on your first night, glad my club doesn't work us QUITE that hard! :x

  • Hopefully this club doesn't do this every week - but... I'll try the easy run on Monday :) It is good fun running with peeps - certainly makes the time go faster - where's Einstein when yu need him! :)

  • It does motivate you and keep you going ! I ran and chatted the other week and it did fly by! My club is a bit more casual, it's run by a couple who own the local running shop and they offer 2/3/4 mile runs but its good to go out in a group and I have got into it now

    ! I'm very impressed by your exploits and entertaining posts ! :)

  • Merci Aliboo - it is tremendous fun - I think I like the idea of the mix - you know sometimes on your own and your thoughts - other times with people and chatter - though I have to say my chatter ability seriously diminished after the sprinty bits :)

  • Im not surprised ! ! :)

  • Wahey Runon ! Oh I am going to throw in a big Yee-arrr as well !

    I was thinking about you earlier on wondering how you were going on . Oh fab stuff , well done you ! I am so pleased that you enjoyed it and the people were lovely and friendly. As for the disappearing joiner - I think a sharp whack on the back of the head with a piece of 4 by 2 is in order . Not that I am an advocate of violence or anything , but I hate it when people do that .

    Oooh get you doing the intermediate group hey ? And hills too ! That's not just " going up t'big school " is like a professorship , Ive just made that word up , btw.

    Did you run in the dark ? It gets dark here about half seven now. If so, I hope you wore your motorcycle helmet with the flashing blue light on top .

    Aw, its fair warmed mi' cockles hearing about this, I feel so happy for you. Enjoy the rest of your evening, and I hope Jeeves is running a nice hot bath for you :-D xxx

  • Jeeves had it ready as soon as I got in - next time I shall make him do the run as well. Thank you dear Poppy. Yes what wonderful peeps these runner chaps are - I think the pushing themselves and beating challenges and all that gives them an inner calm that makes them nice people - you never see despotic dictators running do you - or traffic wardens - actually I met the nicest traffic warden in the world the other day but that's by the by... walk on, or Runon etc.

    I think I really did feel like I was a runner today - not a good one but definitely a runner. Isn't it wonderful you can run in all sort of ways - on treadmills, alone with music, in a group, racing other peeps, running away from bank robberies (sorry - that was the old me :)

    Have a wonderful night Poppers :) xxx

  • Ha ha , you have taught Jeeves well, Grasshopper :-)

    Aw it sounds like you had a really good time, and not a shabby performance at all by the sounds of it. You did very well indeed.

    If you want me to, I will wheel you across Southport pier tomorrow in your wheelchair, you have got to put the tartan blanket over your knees though, its the law ha ha :-D xxx

  • Well Southport is the place for wheelchairs! Yep Performance wasn't too shabby but you know even if you're last you're still doing a lot better than walking! :) And I wouldn't have minded being last - the people would have been too nice to notice :)

  • Aw how lovely, very wise words there Runon. You are a top bloke.

    Night night, time for me to climb the wooden stairs, which I find very odd as I live in a flat ha ha :-D xxx

  • Night night poppy pug - dream of running shoes with wings :) xxx

  • That, poppypug, is exactly what I mean. You cheer me up!!! Xxx

  • Aw thankyou, you are very kind :-) xxx

  • Wow well done! Just shows sometimes how you are capable of more than you think :)

  • Thank you Sidbetty - don't think I would want to do this 3 times a week but hopefully my normal 30 minute run will seem a bit easier or I shall be able to do it a little faster :)

  • You really showed that joiner, or would have done if he hadn't chickened out!

    Show that shiny badge off!

  • Thank you Pollynorris - shining that badge as we speak - thinking of painting it gold hmmm - yes a chicken joiner he is indubitably :)

  • Wow! Just wow! That's about it! Mouth open shocked look on my face!! That reminds me of horrible school running days. Well done you. That's amazing. Have another badge!!! You deserve a massive medal in my opinion!!!!

  • Thank you super grad toonlou. You are very kind but I think a medal could be just a little bit heavy and bring me to a standstill ;) it's funny though if you are not expecting something (like running a fair bit further) you do not have time to worry about it! :)

  • Gosh! well done you...an intermediate runner no less. Fabulous! :)

    You smashed it! Seriously well done!

    J :D

  • Thank you - think I may be feeling the effects of it today though. I just love being able to do something better now than I could when I was sixteen :))

  • What a post! Hilarious, uplifting and a teensy bit of reflected pride here that one of our number has taken on grown up running and equalled it. Know what you mean about the Rolodex hills, with the small difference that I am glad when one is done and I can move on. It seems quite bizarre that anyone would go back and do it again. Then again. Then ag.....

    Need the next episode asap. The one where the joiner explains his absence and you explain his payment is on a remote hilltop in Wales with pedestrian only access :)

    Keep em coming Runon :)

  • I love that Slookie - I think the next episode will have to be in the beginner class - though I am sorely (And I do mean 'Sorely' tempted to try another of the intermediate runs - I shall just make sure everything is still working first!!! :)

  • Oh wow!

    That's definitely going above-and-beyond. No 30 minute consolidation runs for you Runon - what an ambitious fellow you are, are rightly so it would seem! :)

    Is dodging bombs on your beach not exciting enough for you now? You're off charging up never-ending hills....never mind the badge, we should get you a cape! :D

    Excellent news all round :)

  • Thank you Atomic - Hmmm -Sso long as I don't have to wear the tights that go with the cape - A Caped Runon - I might end up being called a Capon :)

    Now that I've finally sat down today I think the 30 minute consolidation runs are a darn fine idea !!! But it is nice to know what you can do at a push. Although if I had a push the hills would be easier :)

  • Wow, that is incredible!!! Are you going to stay with the intermediate group or try the beginner's..? Sounds like you can hack the pace in the intermediates tbh, I am very impressed!!!!

  • I think I will do the easy run next and then see how it goes - it made me realise that there are reserves of energy we don't realise we have at first - I also think being surrounded by other runners makes a heck of a difference - and a lot of those solo running gremlins just do not raise their horribly ugly heads! But I guess over stretching yourself does lend itself to possible injury. The nice thing was that there was no pressure from other runners and a few peeps asked me how I was getting along - so was great fun really. :)

  • That is amazing !!!! I am inspired - what a great post. Congratulations - if you can do that you can do anything - i still haven't approached a hill - just gentle inclines - need to find one soon i think

  • Ah but one persons incline is another persons mountain - grasshopper :)) I read a post recently in which a person talked of running up hills and I thought on my 30 min runs I have just one tiny little valley and I find that terrible - I will never be able to deal with hills or steepish inclines even. So I guess that specifically running up and down hills kind of breaks the taboo - I do know that I have some aches in muscles I haven't had aches in before - hey but this is fun - bring it on :)

  • Evenin' Runon, how are you tonight after your sterling effort yesterday ? :-) xxx

  • Great thank you Poppy - I've been showing a foreign business colleague of mine around Manchester today - lots of walking - but seem to be bearing up and nothing has actually dropped off! ;) xxx

  • Good stuff, glad to hear it. You will be as fit as a butchers dog at this rate, Well done ! :-) xxx

  • So long as I don't look like a butchers dog that'll be fine then - tee hee :) xxx

  • Ha ha , no worries on that score Runon :-) xxx

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