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Went for my very first pre-work run this morning..


Ive always liked running in the morning (usually about 09:00-10:00) but have to say i think i have discovered a new favourite running time! I got up at 06:00 this morning and squeezed a run in before i had to get ready for work and LOVED it! Lovely crisp fresh air, really really quite and wonderful to be running as it gradually got lighter!

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LOL. Yes, mid-morning has much to recommend it over late morning.


I'm a mid morning girl myself, but I must admit your photo looks wonderful!

operation2015Graduate in reply to Ullyrunner

That was on my cool down walk ully, so the sun had almost fully risen at that point!


I agree, it's the most precious time of day...what a lovely pic too...


wow, that's amazing, I'm gonna try it tomorrow and see :)

I was out at 0630 today too. It's just fantastic, paricularly now that the longer days are with us.


I think the best run I have ever had was pre-dawn and I watched the sun come up as I jogged along. I was only up that early cos the dog wanted to go out. Yawn

Early morning is also my favourite time to run. I usually go out about 5.45 am. I need to get it done before my husband goes to work, since I can't leave our daughter alone.


Love,love, love an early morning too, my fave. Having started C25k in August last year, these early spring runs should be magical :-)


You can't beat that feeling. I've seen some GORGEOUS sunrises whilst running. Annoying when it MAKES you stop to take a picture though hehe.

I'm running in total darkness again since the clocks changed but saw the first light sky on one of my runs the other week - such a welcome sight after a long, dark winter. Looking forward to lots more very soon!

LOVELY picture by the way! :) x


I'm an early morning runner too. Usually up at 5.30am in Tuesday & Thursday and 7am on a Saturday. I'Ve managed to keep to that right through the winter so now spring is on the way it feels great.

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