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Week 3

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Hi everyone :)

So this morning I'll be doing Week 3/Run 1 :)

I have Cystic Fibrosis so I'm doing this to get my lungs working hard & hopefully I'll improve the way they work :)

I currently walk my dog for about 1-2 miles every day also but being a Beagle, he stops a lot to sniff everything! :) so it's just a fast paced walk with lots of breaks!!

I purchased a treadmill last week as I just felt too embarrassed to go jogging in my village (sounds very silly) and thought at least this way I can jog whatever the weather :)

It'll be sooo much easier once the walking breaks stop just because it's quite hard to turn the pace up and down on the treadmill when I'm lacking in oxygen haha!!

Does anyone else on here use a treadmill?

Lauren :)

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Hi I run outdoors in my local park. Yes, I did feel self-conscious being overweight but I don’t focus on the people anymore. I focus on the run. For winter I might have to consider one then. By the way , what type of treadmill do you recommend?

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LittleLauren in reply to MVBrown

That's a good way to look at it lovely. Maybe I should jog outside in nice weather & use the treadmill on cold/rainy days :)

I've just bought a second hand one, it's a Roger Black treadmill that they apparently bought about ten years ago. It's great! It has different inclines, tells you your heart rate, tracks how far you've ran and you can set it for distance :)

It's like a gold one if that helps but no idea which one it is


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MVBrownGraduate in reply to LittleLauren


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WoggleGraduate in reply to LittleLauren

Does it take up much room

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LittleLauren in reply to Woggle

Only just seen this sorry 🙈 Nope not really, it folds up but is quite bulky. I've set it up in my mums conservatory at the moment as we're having building work done on the house!

There are so many different treadmills, so it's definitely worth looking into them if you wanted to buy one :) I bought mine from a local selling site on FB :)

It's definitely got me jogging more :D

There are lots of people who use treadmills on here. I use them more in the winter as I find I get some good training sessions when there is ice outside as I don't get on with ice at all. Well done on how far you have come, you will find lots of support and motivation on here.

Welcome! You’ll love this programme. It’s addictive as you see positive results each week even though it not may feel like it at the time! Some runs you’ll find easy, others not so, but it’s the same for most of us.

Your strength and stamina will improve, and also your body shape. It really is a very clever programme. Just remember there’s no such thing as being too slow. If you’re in discomfort during a run, resist walking, but slow right down and you’ll be fine! Also, don’t skimp on the important rest days.

Update us with your progress won’t you? And we also love the occasional pic!

Have fun, and good for you for getting started! 😀❤️🏃‍♀️👍🏻

Thank you for replying to my post :)

I've just done Week 3, Run 1. I mainly struggled with how tight my legs felt but wasn't as bad as I thought it would be jogging for 3 mins :)

Which week are you on?

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cheekychipmunksGraduate in reply to LittleLauren

I’m doing W8R3 tomorrow. I can’t believe I’m running 28 minutes - it’s proof the programme definitely works because I hated W1 and running 60 seconds at the time! 😅

Good luck with your progress! 😀😀🏃‍♀️

Oh wow well done!! I can't imagine jogging for that's long as I only did 3 minutes today and that was hard enough on my legs!!

I'm really enjoying it though & look forward to it :)

You're so near the end!! :)

I realised there's another one to 10k so at least we can keep going and going when Couch to 5k is complete :)

I just read a couple of your posts, what dog do you have?

I've got a Beagle :)

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cheekychipmunksGraduate in reply to LittleLauren

Awww I love beagles! Ours is a yellow lab. She comes running with me as I go early in the mornings before it gets too hot! She’s a great companion - bet yours is too! ❤️

I’ll definitely keep running after graduating C25K. I’m loving it! I’d love to think I could manage 10k eventually, but it seems soooo far! We’ll see! 😀

Have fun, and believe me, you WILL be fine with the longer runs. The programme gradually builds you up to them - it’s fab!

Good luck!! 😀🏃‍♀️😀🏃‍♀️😀

Aww lovely :)

I've been trying to convince my husband for ages to get a Lab as a little friend for our Beagle :)

Bet that's lovely going out jogging with your dog :) I can't really jog with my Beagle as he stops and sniffs all the time haha! Maybe if I can start to trust him off lead even more, it could work better :)

Fab thank you :)

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Amy09 in reply to LittleLauren

I’ve just st done week 3 run 1....was better than I had anticipated too. You must be week 4 now. How is it going?

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