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Feeling Bad

I got home last night and the wind and icy rain had started. I haven't skipped a run yet and am ashamed to say last night I didn't run:(. I feel bad today and am worrying about motivation. When I had the programme to finish I went out in the wind (only once did it rain on me and that was when I was already out). Last night I found it difficult to stay in but easier than I would have liked. I think I need to find something to work towards. The run for life in my area isn't until the summer so I think I could do with something late April. I don't think I would find a Park Run enough of a goal as I can do it any time :(.

I plan on going out tonight. What are your thoughts.

a)Is a faster 20 min run better than a slower 30 min run?

b)Is running 2 days back to back a real no go even after graduating?

Sorry to be so mardy but I am disappointed in myself for not going out :(

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I've gone back to intervals twice a week in the gym. 3 minutes faster then 2 walking, and I'm trying to do an extra interval after completing 5k - so in my case about 38 minutes running this week. I'll extend the intervals each week by about 10% as advised. Then Parkrun at the weekend.

I'd like to be able to do 5k easily and 5k under 30 minutes (not necessarily at the same time), then extend to be able to do 10k, though running for an hour in the gym sounds daunting. I can cope with intervals in the gym, but running for 30 minutes is about the limit of my mental tolerance of complete mind-numbing boredom.

I have also run a couple of days back to back since graduating. Probably not a great idea, but hey ho. So long as nothing hurts it's probably OK once in a while. It's not something I'll make a habit of.


Thanks. I think I need to mix up my runs a bit. :)


Are there not plenty of 5 milers out there you could work towards in the meantime? Running doesn't have to take over your life or be down to a plan, weather n home life can intervene and that's totally normal,no reason to beat yourself up and by the sound of your guilt don't think it'll be long til your back out lol!

Mix up the runs,both a fast 20 mins n slow 30 mins are useful but in different two runs in the same week should be the same now if you're trying to progress.churning out steady 5km after another is fine but won't improve you a runner in the same way as adding in hill work,farkleks etc. and as long as one of the two consecutive runs are slow n easy should be fine if your body can take it!

Good luck happy running


Thanks. I need to plan my runs better and look around for something to aim for. :)


a) that depends entirely on what you want to achieve. If you want to get better at running faster, you need to run fast but for short periods of time. If you want to get better at running long, then you need to run long.

b) No, it's not a real no-go. But do listen to your body and don't overdo it.


thanks. I think I just need to mix up my runs with slower long and faster short runs. :)


Don't beat yourself up, Stef - the weather sounds very daunting - icy rain, yuk! Go tonight and get back in the routine. I think the rest days in C25K are because as new runners, our muscles needed the time to recover and develop. I'm sure that once you're established you could run more regularly.


thanks. I just felt crap because everyone was posting about their runs in the wind & rain and I chickened out. I got out last night though. Keep running :)


It all depends what motivates you. Alternative suggestions are:

1) have a look at and see if there are any races in your area to give yourself an intermediate challenge

2) look for a running club in your area

3) deny yourself a trip to the treats cupboard in the kitchen until you've been out for a run

4) (if you've lost weight since starting C25K) pin an old photo up of what you used to look like before you started running next to where you keep your running kit - it reminds you of what might happen if you stop running again

5) if the weather is bad - go for a swim instead. Mix things up a little.

As far as running 2 days in a row, I don't think it's necessarily the issue it was when you started. I run 2 days in a row quite often. i just take care not to overdo things. What I don't do is run first in the evening and then again the following morning. I always try and ensure that there is at least 24 hours between runs. Last week I ran Tuesday morning. Wednesday evening and Friday morning (then did parkrun on Saturday and knocked nearly a minute off my PB, but we'll keep quiet about that). If you do run without a day between just listen to your body and be prepared to ease off.


thanks. I think I have found a run now. I think I do need to mix things up. :)


Too late for regrets. It's done now. Go out this evening if the wind is not too strong. If there are gales I'd think twice. I wouldn't run back to back regularly but as a one-off it should be ok.

A faster 20 minute run is better than nothing and is fine if that's the time slot available. A slower 30 minute run is fine at any time, so if you have more time do that. Both are fine and dandy. A short, fast run helps develop speed whereas long, slower runs build stamina. Both have to be done at various points in your training and have equal merit I'd say. I do short fast runs and long, slow ones. It's all grist to the mill


thanks. I did go out last night but I think I picked the wrong route :). The gusty wind was in my face all the way around. SO my run ended up being neither fast or 30 minus. But I did manage a PB on 1mile so not too shabby. :) I think I need to plan my runs better and have a clearer idea of what I want to do each week. I think I am feeling a little lost post C25K :)


Are you a crazy woman? One of the beauties of running is that you can be very flexible about when you do it. Staying in when it's blowing a gale and chucking down ice crystals seems very sensible to me! Don't beat yourself up!


thanks. I am a little crazy though :). I just like routine :)


Your post could have been written by me! Monday was the first time since starting C25k that I'd missed a run. I had to work on what was meant to be my day off, the kids are already on school holidays and then a friend rang to say they were passing and I couldn't very well say "no, don't come because I'm going running"! I've run through rain, ice, -2 degrees but didn't get out running. Life gets in the way and like you I was feeling guilty. Having read everyone's answers here, I see it's only one run and I'll be back on schedule tomorrow. Ive had a terrible cough for weeks and didn't dare miss a run as I felt it was a slippery slope back to the couch but I think I needed a break.

My aims are not for longer, faster runs, just to keep getting out for a minimum of 30 minutes 3 times a week. It's not a huge amount but it's still more than absolutely zilch, which was what I was doing before!

So, let's get back to it.

Onwards and upwards! Good luck.


thanks. It's great to hear people in the same boat isn't it. I did go out last night for a short run and will be back on track by the weekend. It felt great being out there but I think you are right sometimes you just need to leave it a day. Good luck with your next run :)


I'm back on track. Did 30 minutes this evening and did Laura's 5k+ speed podcast and carried on running for the rest of my 30 minutes. Felt I'd worked hard. Didn't feel like going out but put on my kit and went out anyway and felt much better for it. It's so useful to hear other people are having the same dilemmas and this forum has really kept me going. Keep going!


Well done. I am going out tonight and then Saturday morning and I will be back on track. I am going to give the stepping stones a try. Happy Running :)


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