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W1 R1! Completed!

So, after a few days of trying to get out for my first run. It is now complete! Feeling good that I have started and really want to continue. Hopefully it will get easier too 😃

I have recently signed up for a half marathon, which I have never done anything like this before so hopefully will be a good start!

I am using an app instead of the podcasts, is it basically the same? As long as the routines are the same? I.e. 90 secs walking, 60secs running on w1 r1.


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Hi Martin

Well done for getting out there. Two months ago that was me! Having not run for over 20 years those eight minutes came as a shock. Yes it does get easier; the hardest weeks are probably 3-5, when you are building up to running continuously. After that it's just a matter of adding time and distance. You will have good runs, bad runs and the odd great run. The main thing is to keep going; believe in the progress your body is making and try not to take any notice of the voice in your head that tries to persuade you that you can't do it.

I've used both the app and the podcasts. I gave up on both a while back and now just run the program as per the NHS C25K week by week webpage, using Runkeeper to monitor time/distance, and Spotify for whatever music floats my boat on the day. I found the podcasts were great for the first few weeks when alternating between running and walking, but eventually got fed up the choice of music.

Hang on in there and let us know how you get on. You'll get lots of support and encouragement here. and good advice if and when you need it.

Good luck



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