Ecos Parkrun 141......finally completed non-stop 5km!

Ecos Parkrun 141......finally completed non-stop 5km!

With my wee son providing the encouragement, I have at long last ran 5k non-stop at the Ecos Parkrun. The encouragement I have had from the Parkrunners and Ballymena Runners AC was immense. As I have suggested before, if you need encouragement to keep going, try your your local Parkrun. They will help whether you walk, run or whatever.

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  • Fantastic - well done. Taken a while! - but you've done it! I must admit Parkrunners are amazing aren't they.

  • Brilliant ! Well done ! Parkrun is fab !

  • Well done, that's great!

  • Well done Troggie, Big smile!!

  • Well done, I find such inspiration in everyone's positive posts, thank you for sharing your achievement. I hope to give parkrun a go once graduated.

  • Hooray ! Your smile says it all, well done for persevering and may you have many happy future park runs.

  • Well done you, it's a great feeling doing your first non-stop 5K isn't it!

  • Well done. You look rightly chuffed!

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