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10 k and escaped donkeys

Did 10 k for the first time ever - so far I am sticking to the training plan, so I may very well run/walk the HM in about 3 hours :)

Including 2 socialising short breaks, and another forced stop when I had to change my route as 2 donkeys were in the middle of the road and someone was trying to get them back in the field, my average turtle speed was 7km/h or a 8:32 pace. My 8 k run last week : 6.6 k/h- 9:06 pace How did that happen?

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brilliant, well done you, pace and speed on different days baffles me completely!!


Ha ha, don't you just love donkeys! There always seems to be someone shooing donkeys! Shades of Betsy Trotwood. LOL

Well done on your first 10 k!!!!! You won't be able to stop running them now you've started. It's such a fab distance to get nailed!

The increases in speed will come. Distance too. Sounds like you got quicker faster than you'd anticipated. Well, why not! You've been putting the hours in, getting fitter and stronger.

If you keep to the training plan you should finish within seconds of the projected time, barring nothing going awry of course. I've found them spot on. My last 10k race was slower but that was due to sheer numbers of runners getting bottlenecked. Bah! Oh well, there's always the next one

Good luck with the planned runs Pigivi!


Congratulations on the 10K, that's another milestone. (Does that make sense?) :-)


Well done. I suspect that you will grow to love this distance. Not so much hard pushing as a 5k and not the major commitment of a HM. Nice and steady is the way.


Turtle speed is good, it sees me through every time! HM will be fine x :-)


10k........that's another 6 milestones in your running career!!!


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