Ist 10 k race today and I LOVED it !!!!!

Just ran 1st 10 k race today at Strathclyde Country Park in - drum role please - 1 hr 8 min 33secs!!! Cannot believe time. Fastest in practise was 1 hr 24 so over the moon. I am well chuffed. Plan was to start of with slowest pacer sub70 and drop back quite soon but I managed to stick right beside her all the way. Was quite hot and sunny but I really enjoyed the run. Struggled with last k but stubbornness kicked in and managed to get in front of pacer - can't print what was going through my head when pacer shouted words of encouragement at this point ie Sprint Rona you can do it. I'll sprint her but I got there Had a fabulous morning and to top it all the small t shirt at end fits me . Sorry for ramble but can you tell I'm a wee bit excited. Good luck for everyone doing GNR tomorrow.

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  • That's amazing - well done!

  • Thanks useit

  • That's a great time, you'll be leaving me in your dust next time we do a parkrun together :) Glad you had fun and congrats on fitting in a small tshirt x

  • Don't think you have anything to worry about lovefood. How did you get on at gnr today

  • Blimmin'eck! BrillFabGroovy day out FF60. FF30 I'd say!

  • Got to say feeling really good solo okie Thanks

  • Fantastic ! Bet you love the pacer now...Well done on great running.

  • Never thought I would be able to keep up with her Henpen but def found it so much better to stay at same pace . Think she's my new best friend

  • WELL done! fantastic time! :) i'm getting excited, my 1st one in 4 weeks! how many 10k practices did you do, i'm only up to 8.6 so far! Did 7k on tuesday and found that fine so will carry on building up! advice appreciated! :) Great that you got in the sml t-shirt too! :)

  • I managed 3 x 10 k practises aliboo but they were so much slower. I really only did them so I knew I would manage the distance. Funnily I found 4k to 5k so long and had only real doubts then but in 2 nd 1/2 I seemed more relaxedApart from last k when I struggled. It was great though cos they called your name out over loudspeakers near end . I had ordered small t shirt - still some weight to lose but I was being optimistic . volunteers at end were holding up all different sizes and girl said small would fit and it did Yea Good luck in your race

  • Fantastic Fitfor, that's a great time that is! I can tell you're excited and so you should be! Well done :-D

  • Thanks no excuse Thought I might be feeling bit flat today but had lovely day out with husband Slow walk round a loch and eating all favourite foods since I crossed finish line !

  • Pacers are a real bonus to race times. The only pacers I have experienced so far have been a monthly thing at my local Parkrun - but I have read that they are sometimes in other races.

  • I've never managed to run with pacer at park run Bazza as too fast for me but couldn't have done it in that time without pacer yesterday I love her.

  • Still can't believe it kitty kat. The leader in my jogscotland coach told me to taper week before and I found that really difficult .had to increase food wee bit and go easy x 2 runs and cut out one run . I felt quite fidgety and sluggish ( husband says I was grumpy ) but felt I had to follow his advice as that's why I joined a running group and he's been so supportive in lead up to 10 k. So guess it must have worked.

  • Aw well done to you ! That is a fab time, congratulations ! Sounds like you had a great run :-) xxx

  • Thanks poppyWas nervous especially few days before but as soon as was on start line felt great.

  • That is FAB Rona, well done you must be very pleased with that, you have worked for this one - all those easy pace runs must have done the trick. x

  • Thanks Elaine And even managed to talk a wee bit occasionally . I obviously respond well when someone is running with me encouraging / cajoling me - remember fast time I had at park run when you and lovefoodie helped me along. Was looking out for your bus at gnr on TV . Bet it was great experience . Hot for runners but looked nice weather for spectators and volunteers

  • Great news I am feeling more motivated reading your post. Well done you should be proud of yourself .

  • I just love the way we all support each other on this forum No way could I have done this total beginner without others motivating me . But never ever thought I could motivate someone else so thanks for your words Good luck in your running

  • Wow fit for 60! Congratulations on your 10k and timing - I remember you saying about your previous time; you have obviously been training miles into those legs and didn't it pay off! Very pleased for you xx :)

  • Thanks jaxmc Followed bupa 10 k plan but also joined jogscotland which has been great for tips on techniques and mixing up runs with hills ,sprints and steps . Often found it hard but leader is fantastic and just hits right level with encouragement and stretching us

  • Well done Fitfer!!!!! 10 k ! Flippin eck!

  • I know missW still can't believe it myself

  • Wow, fantastic news and what a time! No wonder you are feeling excited. A massive well done :)

  • Still on a high Paul thanks

  • Wow , fantastic fit for 60 congratulations x

  • Never thought I would run 10 k rockette thanks

  • Well done! That is amazing, no wonder you feel so proud :) and rightly excited! You have done so well and in a superb time :) keep smiling you deserve to!

    Happy resting :)

  • Can't stop smiling and having lovely weekend Net68. Hope I can back on track soon or I will have eaten so much won't be able to get off couch. Watching grandchildren tomorrow so plan to go to beach where I do sprints with 3 yr old So that should be good for first post race run

  • What a fab run report! Very well done :)

  • Thanks ancient mum

  • Good idea about the sprints! Short bursts of speed are really good!

  • Ramble away! It's a fab story, well done you, very inspiring!

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