W4R2 πŸ˜‚πŸ˜€πŸ˜₯😧

Just got in from doing the above run. My god in struggling with this week. Yes I've completed both to the end but just find myslef begging for it to be over and and really struggling with the last run. Didn't help today as I turned round earlier than usual and ended up doing a slight incline for the last 2.5 minutes. Did everyone else find this week hard? Think I do this week for another week. Feeling a bit defeated in myself after being so positive for all they other weeks πŸ˜•


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8 Replies

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  • Just slow down a bit and carry on.

  • Don't be dispirited, just persevere, slow down a bit if it helps, as Rignold said, and wait for it to get easier. It will.

  • Every time I found a run difficult, people on here told me to slow down, and I did. It's counter-intuitive, but slowing down makes you get fitter faster. While you're running just consciously keep telling yourself 'stay slow, stay slow'. Your body takes a long time to adjust to this new fitness regime, your muscles are all adapting, your lung capacity is slowly improving, and also your brain is slowly learning to override the 'I want to stop' voice inside your head. Even though it was difficult, you managed today, so I suggest moving onto week 5, but with it in mind to take it all really easy. Best of luck!

    P.S. when I hit inclines I run in a sort-of zigzag - this makes it easier, makes it feel less steep.

  • I think this is the first week when you run for longer than you walk so I'm not surprised you're finding it tough. I was having problems with weeks 7 and 8 but the kindly folk on here advised me to go slower. I did that today and it made things so much easier. From struggling along I ran the 25 minutes comfortably and enjoyed it. So what I would say to you is simply that - go more slowly!

  • Thanks everyone, I am very slow anyway. I'm sure I'm be walking it if I go much slower! On a good note another 2lb gone at weight watchers last night. A total of 33lb off since Christmas ☺just another 5 ish stones to go!

    Thanks again for all your lovely support πŸ‘

  • I wrote a note just a little over 2 years back exactly on the same subject. The most difficult part of the course for me! I have tried to post a link of my post & all the wonderful support I received it.


  • Thank you couchcarrot it helps to know other people have gone through the same thing. I will push on through abs try and slow down even more. I'm so determined to do this and have felt so positive up until now. But I won't let it stop me. Last run of week 4 is on Monday so got a couple of days to rest.

  • The steps up in weeks 3,4 and 5 are probably the toughest part of the program. It hurts because you are getting fitter, quickly. Keeping going when your legs are like lead, your lungs are bursting and the gremlins are telling you you can't do it is probably the most important thing you will get out of this. If you can do that in week 4 you can finish the course.

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