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W4R2.... Second wind?

So I had a relatively short 5 hour shift at work, which is a nice change from 12 hours and split shifts, so I took the opportunity and the lengthening of the Scottish summer to 7 days, to do run 2 of this week. Found the 5 minutes difficult at the start again. I think perhaps I struggle to contain my pace, as after that I do well for the rest. But for some reason, in my last 5 minute run, I got a second wind and picked up the pace. I felt like I could've gone longer as well. I averaged 5mph but the last stint I managed a pace of 6.29 min/ Km. good for me. Also felt I was more consciously aware of breathing out for longer.

Do others find this? Every run has been the same, the second half I do so much better but I don't feel like I'm doing anything different. Is my body taking a while to kick in or is it maybe a pace thing? Should I perhaps do a longer warm up?

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I was finding the first part of the runs very difficult but, following the advice from more experienced runners, I upped my warm up walk to 10 minutes (I walked for 5 minutes before starting the Podcast) and that made a massive difference! Give it a try next time and hopefully you will find the whole run 'easier'. Good luck.

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Some may benefit from a longer warm up walk, but my wife and I only do the 5 min warmup walk and don't have a problem. Forget about pace, numbers are not what c25k is about, just do the programme, it's not a race or competition, slow & steady is the way, if you go too fast, as a lot do, then injury could occur..😊


I found the earlier bits of the runs tougher until about the end of week 7 , when my breathing sorted itself out, and the gremlins I had to negotiate with for the first 5-10 mins of every run, seemed to feck off! Now its mostly ok unless I try something I think will be hard, eg. Hills, although I think they are now ticked off the list at least little ones!


Yay, sounds like a great run - I do find the beginning of all my runs to be much harder as my poor old body gets warmed up.

The beginning part seems to get easier the more runs you do, too, or so I have found.


Yes, the first ten minutes are pretty rubbishy; it takes me a while to sort myself out, relax, get the correct running posture, sort my breathing out and also get my head in the right place and then I start to drift into auto pilot.


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