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Week 4 Run2 - most difficult so far

After struggling with the parched throat during W4R2, i decided to carry water with me (in my right hand during the run). It helped quench my thirst, though I can't drink while running! I had to take a few sips of water only after getting my breath back during my walk.

But the second 5 mins was really difficult. I had to nearly slow down to a walk - almost thought I was not going to finish. From just 9 mins of jogging in Week 3 to 16 mins in Week 4 is a BIG jump for me. Want to hear from been-there-done-that-folks - was this really tough for you too??

Though carrying water helped, my throat was still very dry at the end of the run. The weather is not helping - around 90F, and I was panting - breathing thru the mouth all the time. My shins didn't feel good after the run. Overall it was really tough..

Makes me wonder if I really have it in me to run full 30 mins. I have my faith on the program that worked for so many of you - will try my best. I hope to recover and complete W4R3 successfully on Friday!

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90F? Is it a case of "Mad dogs and English men out in the midday sun?"

I bet it was tough. Perhaps you need more recovery time than just one day, or change you running hour.

A thought: get one of those water bottles cyclists use... in a mini backpack with a tube. I'm sure holding a bottle of water (=WEIGHT) in just one hand can't be doing you any good. Surely your arm aches or your balance is affected.

Did week 4 last week: it's more mental than physical I find. But then it's cooler here...


@con-brio, it is 90F at 7:30 pm here - I am lucky it is only 90, there are other places in India that are much hotter! I think the water bottle was fairly small and didn't bother me at all. It's utility value when my throat is parched is priceless! Yeah, I should try and get a backback or belt so that my hands are completely free. Thanks!


So far I've only run in the cold, so have no idea how heat will affect me - but I suspect it'll be very tough! (Walking in the heat is hard enough!)

Maybe you need to go a bit slower to start with? Nearly all my running was about walking pace! It still took me more energy than walking, and got my legs used to the running action, and now can speed up a bit.


Thanks. I was conscious of the speed (going slow) at the start, but I may have sped thru the first 5 mins run. Need to pay attention to it. BTW, I have been continuing with my regular walk (of around 4 kms) during my rest days in the past 2-3 weeks. I guess I need to give complete rest today, before I go tomorrow for the run 3.


I did w4r2 today also, temperature was very different though! 36F here :( Neither temp is that pleasant to run in really. R1 didn't seem so bad, but I think that gave me false confidence and I burst ahead this morning on the first 3 & 5 min runs so also struggled in second half of today's run.

Lesson today was to start slower and I feel able to in the 2nd half give it more speed then!


Got it! I tried to start of slowly, but I guess I may have picked up speed in the first 5 min run. I will plan to pace it more comfortably next time.


Good job getting through that run. It was only low-70's when I ran today in the early evening, but I could feel the effects of even that mild heat compared to the cooler days. I didn't even realize how much I was squinting against the sun until the path went under a bridge and I was able to unscrunch and relax my face. I really need to get myself a hat!

Here's a link to an article I found on Runner's World called Beat the Heat:




I liked the tip about packing ice under your hat! No need for that here at the momet though! :)


Thanks to all your encouragement and support, I made thru W4R3 today. I had to slow down considerably though. I am going into the BIG week 5 next!


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