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My poor toe

After my run yesterday my toe was hurting - middle toe, right foot. It felt odd last night.

I've just had a look at it and I've got a hard lump of skin on it that's rubbing on my other toe.

It's not painful as such, just really annoying.

Any tips on how to get rid of it and how to look after my poor little toesies that aren't used to all this mistreatment.

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Perhaps just cushion it with a plaster? Do you have good running socks?


Yes I have decent socks.

I've been slathering my feet in hand cream this afternoon and that's softened it a little.


Can you use a foot file or something? Are your shoes roomy enough?


I think I'll try a foot file later.

My shoes seem fine though I did tie one too tight yesterday - the one with the bad toe - but I think it's something that's been building up rather than just appear after one run.


Vaseline is good for runner's feet. Tying the laces too tight is often the cause. Sometimes they're laced really tight when you buy them so you might need to loosen them all the way down. Bit of a faff but worth it if they're digging in


Cut your toenails really short - mine grate the neighbouring toes orherwise. And grease 'em up with Vaseline (messy) or Lanacane (more expensive but less messy and works on rubbing seams and chafing) before you put in your socks.


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