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First bad run

Week 6, day 1. How hard was that!!!!! I expected it to be a doddle after my 20 minute run on Friday but it was a catalogue of disasters.

I hadn't run since Friday due to back pain but that was fine.

I set off too fast - thinking I was invincible after my 20 minute shuffle last week. I just managed the first five minutes. I had a stone in my shoe - digging into my right heel. My music stopped 4 minutes into my 8 minute run - I can't run without music so I walked for about 30 seconds to sort that out. I finished the 8 minute run (minus the 30 minute walk) but had to dodge through an OAP outing walking slowly, four abreast, along the canal. I struggled with my last 5 minutes - no idea why and had to stop and walk for around 20 seconds. I tied my laces too tight and the toes on my right foot felt like they belonged to someone else.

On the plus side, I did complete 4.77 k (including the warm up and cool down walks) in 48 minutes (boy, am I slow - I think it said my pace was around 9.4 km per hour).

However, ever the perfectionist I will be repeating the run on Friday and probably again on Monday. I think I was out of synch - the OCD in me dictates that I must start a week on a Monday and finish it on a Friday!

It was also a positive that Laura commented I wasnt the only person to find it hard going!

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Oh - and I forgot to put my fitbit on after my shower this morning.



Hey Debih, you're not alone struggling on week 6 - there had been a lot of comment on the board about how wk6 catches people out before I attempted it so almost expected it to be hard but was still disappointed. From what I've read I think most find it a difficult week. Hang on in there though, 'cos it gets better, you're doing brilliantly and the finish line is almost in sight :-) Can you hear us cheering you on?


Oh yes indeed, the dreaded W6R1. Remember that one taking me completely by surprise and biting me in the backside big time!!


That one is tough Debih! But now you are through it, you can make it to the end - it's in sight!!


Blimey that was an obstacle ridden run! But you did it so well done.


I too found week 6 tough, think I expected to breeze through after the big run at the end of week 5!

So much of this running lark is mental. I have always run on Monday, Wednesday and Fridays....until this week when I've had to change it about. Am finding this far more unsettling than I should.

As many people have said on this site before, any run is a good run. You kept going despite the problems, move on, and look forward to your next run.


Yes, I have to agree it caught me out and brought me back down to earth thinking I was Mo Farrah. By the way, what's a km?


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