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Run 26 of 27 (W9R2) - what a run!!


Wow, that was a blast! I know I'm a million miles from the performance of even a basic runner, but I feel like superman! Having completed my first 5K on Monday for run 1 of week 9, I had it in mind that perhaps I could do it again.

At the start of my run, just a couple of minutes in, I found myself having to queue to get through a kissing gate into the park and thought "that'll impact the pace of my first K" (get me, eh?). When I looked at my wrist and saw my Garmin flash 6:14 for my first Km, I was shocked! My previous fastest Km was 6:52.

I thought uh-uh, thats too fast a pace, I'm going to pay for that! It was strange, because it didn't feel like a particularly faster pace, it was just what felt a natural rhythm.

I kept going, did the 5K (and a few extra metres to make it a longest run) and:

Fastest 5K (33:59 compared to 35:21)

Fastest K (6:14 compared with 6:52)

Longest run (5.04Km compared with 5.01)

Friday is my graduation run - wish me luck! I'm also going to do my first Parkrun a week on Saturday.

My run -

Happy days! I could never have imagined just how much I'm loving this!

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Brilliant! Well done.. not long now. Wooooo!


Wow - what a fantastic run - all of those PB's.

Graduation is in touching distance now - I hope it is an equally great run and you can finish on a high! :)

Steve_LGraduate in reply to Sarah-A

Thanks. It's such a startling comparison to those first couple of weeks, when running for a minute was so challenging!

Michael_WGraduate in reply to Steve_L

Yep, we've all been there. Looking back, those first few weeks were embarrassing. I remember cursing Laura when the app had a hiccup and deprived me of a desperately needed 30 seconds walking. 30 seconds!!! Never mind the hyperventilating, the swollen knees and the near-heaving. Still, baby steps and all that.

Good luck with that first parkrun and roll on sub-30, eh!


Get you! ;)


YOu're SO going to love park run ! I can see you have a natural competitive streak, great progress there !

Steve_LGraduate in reply to Hidden

Why, thank you!


Well done Steve, nearly there now. Hope you really enjoy your graduation run and parkrun. All day smiles guaranteed!!


Sounds like youre having a ball Steve and that you've really got stuck into the programme .

Get that cape ready for Graduation , Superman ! :-) xxx


Sounds like a great run. I can relate to your frustration about the queue at the kissing gate, having been delayed recently by reversing cars, people pushing bikes around blind corners, and families with multiple toddlers/dogs/scooters.

Anyway you are almost there. One to go! Good luck

operation2015Graduate in reply to Snufflegruff

All of those things drive me insane!!!!


Well done Steve. Enjoy your graduation run on Friday. 🎓 😊


Awesome stuff Steve, great times too!!!

Steve_LGraduate in reply to Wristy

Thanks, Nick. I'm looking forward to Friday, and being able to claim my badge!

WristyGraduate in reply to Steve_L

See you on the other side! Next you'll be wanting to reach 5 miles, then 10k, then 10 miles... Graduation is only the beginning!

Steve_LGraduate in reply to Wristy

I know :)

This really is energising me and giving me a new sense of purpose!


Check you out, well done Steve. This running lark really gets you. Did my first 6k last night in 42 mins not sure if that is good or not, got to 5 k and just felt that I could keep going but stopped at 6k. Will aim for that for the next couple of runs before pushing again. We will all be there at the finishing post cheering you when you pick up that graduation badge, woo hoo.


Well done Steve.

Now listen up. My W9R2 was a dream too and thought of world domination flooded my endorphin enriched brain, only to come crashing down on my graduation run. I could not wait until the weekend, so did the run on a Friday evening after a hard week at work and too much to eat. That run was memorable for all the wrong reasons. It was a real slog. So, I suggest that you set up the conditions for your final run of the programme as carefully as you can, just so that you go out on a high.

And........ after graduation........just remember, you are STILL not a fully fledged superhero for quite a few years, so don't go trying to do too much too soon, or you will likely end up on the injury couch. Distance and duration should only be increased by approximately 10% per week to keep off that B****Y couch.

Good luck. Looking forward to the perfect grad run report.

Steve_LGraduate in reply to IannodaTruffe

Oh, worry not. I'll be managing that final run carefully. This runner will take nothing for granted!

Well done. You be proud of yourself - some fab stats there. Keep it steady too :)

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