Cold, wet and in pain....... but delighted!

Cold, wet and in pain....... but delighted!

I got off the IC this morning and went for a run (W3R1). I woke up bright-eyed and bushy-tailed only to see that it was dark, grey, windy and tonking it down outside. Undeterred, I had a light breakfast, drank plenty of water, did some jigging about to warm myself up and headed out.

One good thing about the foul weather (it was cold too) was that it had the effect of taking my mind away from the gremlins (first time I have met them) telling me that my knees were made of glass and certain to shatter if I proceeded.

Despite the gremlins, the first half of my run went really well. In the running sections I was moving smoothly at a nice steady pace and landing on my forefoot as 'instructed' by my physio. Later though, my left hip my left hip began to really protest. This is the same hip that has been shirking its responsibilities by dropping excessively over the last year or so**. During my final 3 minute running stint, it felt like it was on fire. During this three minutes, I actually was running faster than before which I suspect was because I (for a while and subconsciously) had reverted to mid-foot striking for which I gave myself an expletive-laden verbal reprimand. To add to my follies I missed a left turn down one of the side streets that I was supposed to take which left me with a longer walk home in the rain (which felt even heavier at that stage).

All in all, that would have made for a pretty miserable experience under normal circumstances. Outweighing all the negatives though, is that my knees feel absolutely fine. The benchmark my physio gave me was that before running, I should not feel any pain in either knee when doing a 'butt kick'. I didn't feel any before the run and I don't feel anything (not even a mild discomfort) now.

My guess is that it going to take quite a while for the strengthening exercises to have a significant effect and as such my left hip is going to be an ongoing problem but the pain I have there today is a good sort of pain, the sort that lets you know you are doing things right. My next 'challenge' will be to be able to tape myself up correctly so that it is as effective as it was today.

** I don't actually know how long my left hip has been 'defective' but my best guess is that my immune system 'borrowed' excessive muscle mass from that area in its fight with the evil C.

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12 Replies

  • It's really good to see you feel able to run again. Also, it appears that although you have issues to deal with, you're in charge now.

  • Thanks. That is exactly how it feels.

    Graduation run for you tomorrow?

  • Yep! I feel really quite excited about it!

  • Great to see you are back on the road Dunder. Good luck with the recovery.

  • Thanks OG, appreciated.

  • Good to hear you are running again. I've had hip pain myself caused by weak glutes on that side, and subsequent twisting motion/drop when running, it's a very common imbalance it seems. I found the strengthening exercises given to me by my physio (squats, single-leg squats, lunges) surpassed my expectations, I was completely pain-free after about four weeks of doing them every day - very gratifying. So I hope you too will be pleasantly surprised.

  • Thanks. I would happily accept 4 weeks but suspect (and was warned) my case might take a little longer.

    "Single-leg squats" is a phrase that should not uttered in this forum (a bit like MacBeth for actors). No good can possibly come from them!

  • Good to hear you're off the IC Dunder. Take it slow and easy m'dear, give yourself time to get strong again.

  • Thanks AM, will do.

  • Hi Dunder , yep your description of your hip pain sounds just the same as mine . Those exercises are definitely the way forward . It's quite a common problem apparently .

    Glad your knees stood up to the challenge . You will be fixed Dunder , keep going ! xxx

  • Thanks pug. By the sound of things, you are well on the road to full recovery too.

  • Yes I'm on the comeback trail , just come back from a 20 minute run . Mind you , the wind carried me most of the way around 😃 xxx

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