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heal strike :(

after seeing the physio today ive been told that i need to change my running style so forefoot running its got to be ,if i would have not seen him id never had known and this is the reason my knee and hip were tender i can carry on running but ive got to crack this forefoot thing and stand on my tiptoe and hop up and down to build up the muscle and then he wants to see how im doing in 6 wks kick up backside may be required

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Sorry you've been struck down with this - I've seen the same kind of message from someone else (on the C25K Facebook page) for the same thing today also :-(

I actually have no conscious control of how I strike the floor right now, I just land (with a thump) so I hope I can learn to control how I run before something like this strikes me also.

It about time they updated those podcasts to stop telling people that this is the preferred way to run surely?

Hope you heal up soon.



thanks andrew its something we all need to know ive basically got to learn to run again ,he also said that i should have worked on my muscle that runs from the knee to the foot hence the standing on tiptoes on one foot at time ,i could do it for over ten secs with eyes open but eyes closed not very good.he also said all new runners should train there body for this first ,heres the web site its good form running cheers


Moger, sorry to hear you are having troubles. I don't want to be a downer, but have you considered that your quite excessive running could also be contributing to the issues. You have made amazing progress, but as has been seen so many times on this forum, too much too soon, can lead to injury and the need to cut back the running. I sincerely hope that the change in strike can solve the problem, but do consider it, as others have ended up not being able to run for considerable periods after pushing too hard.

Good luck, keep running, keep smiling.


im going to try it and change my shoes for forefoot running only 10ks for now and the half in oct ,he did say as long as i do the exercises i would be fine and he was quite shocked about the 700 miles in 6 months something about age as well im come this far and im dont give in easy just a bit worried that some people find it hard to change let hope im not one thanks very much for the reply was a bit down


This is interesting but confusing. I have been out of action for 3 weeks and my physio told me my aches and pains (hip, ankle and knee!) were caused by landing on my toes! Consensus seems to be this is the best style but obviously my physio doesn't think so!

I also have weak glutes which apparently means my lower limbs are taking the brunt of running. I'm currently doing lots of glute exercises and walking everywhere with a very funny walk!

We're moving house next week but once I move I'm going to see a podiatrist as I am fed up with all this conflicting advice! I soooo miss the running.

Good luck and I hope you get it sorted.


i know no one told me all this at the start he did say some people are ok with the healstrike but ive got small bones and are 5ft.8 and 45 thanks for the reply and make sure you get yourself better


I'm confused. Not sure I really have any control over where my feet land tho I'm sure I land slightly heel first. Don't think I could land toe first??? So which is best??


Mid-foot is good to aim for, but see comment below about switching.

When I had my gait analysis done, I was shown that I was landing on my heel, but was told that it was OK (as it wasn't amazingly heavy) - the key (so I was told) is to keep your landing foot directly under your body weight. The way to achieve this was described as imagining you are (continually) running into a glass door and it will magically open in front of you if your knee hits it first, but will smash if your toe hits it first.

I still do heel first on down-hill stretches now, but generally do mid-foot and it feels (and sounds) lighter.

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i know no one told me any of this candence running style bio mechanics i watched so many youtube clips but heres a website he told me to go on good form running he also said that all new runners should train there muscles up for a least 2 months b4 even starting to run im out tomorrow so i will have ago got no choice really


Hope you manage the switch. A word of advice... NEVER switch from heel strike to a new foot landing position in one go. Do intervals switching between old and new. (Voice of experience - near inability to walk at all for about 3-4 days).


running on grass with no shoes ive been told as well some new shoes i think a bit lower to the ground as well ive got check my cadence tomorrow night and see where thats at ,i thought the hard bit was the running how wrong was i and no 20 miler at the wk end


I started my running using forefoot strike so have not had to transition from heal strike but I still had to take it slow, it's very calf intensive and takes a lot of practice you don't want to be landing on your toes it's more a mid foot that you want to aim for, the best you tubes I have found to explain are for chi running or pose style running, when you run more upright you land more under you body with much less of a jolt on the knees and hips this also helps to increase your cadence up to around 180 if you can, as for shoes you will find it easier in closer to zero drop shoes. Running barefoot is a great way to learn about landing softly.


I tried Vivo Barefoot running shoes and loved them, sadly my legs didn't take to them as much as the rest of me. If you change to Barefoot running shoes you have to build up the distance very, very gradually to prevent injury, your running/foot strike is changed quite dramatically. I can't use my lovely Vivo shoes for running now but do use them for Zumba classes now and again. Hope you get things sorted but take it easy mean time.


thanks old girl i have looked in to the whole thing i will start a fresh tomorrow ive cracked the distance thing so im gonna crack this just a bit shocked thanks for the reply :)


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