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My first non-stop 6K

Although I have run up to 15Klms using run/walk, I have never exceeded 5Klms non-stop. So today, in my challenge to run 10K non-stop, I did my first easy, conversational pace 6K. -- and it was easy. I hardly raised my breath - although it was a slow pace of 8mins 30 seconds per K ( even slower than my run/walk long training runs) but I finished strongly and could have done more , so I am positive that I will be able to do out to 10klms over the next 7 weeks.

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good for you. I'm glad you are making good progress


Excellent work Bazza, you will have no problem with the 10k non stop. I find if I walk I just can't get a rhythm back and it sounds like you got I to a good rhythm and decent pace too. Well done.


Well done Bazza, running isn't about taking off like usain bolt I find running is about lasting the's about deciding to do something and then finishing it no matter how long it takes....I personally never stop at all, if I'm feeling like I have to stop I go into grandma jog mode (which is literally just a little faster than walking) recover and then go back to normal speed....but congratulations and good luck with the 10k

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Well done Bazza, I'm trying to talk myself into running this morning as I planned. Might have had a glass of vino or six too many last night, slept really badly, it's already quite hot here...8.30 is a bit more than I can keep up at the moment...


Great stuff, Bazza :)


You're doing so well!


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