Gone n done it again

Hi all, as promised just done my second run outside this week and loving it. As you know was nearly put off by a young colleague who thought I was too old to run but thanks to runon, 5korbust in fact all of you kept on going, graduated on t/ mill but wasn't confident to go outside as failed due to winds/ breathing etc. I didn't use laura tonight but tried Nike app and ran 3.02 miles thought that was 5k but converted to 4.86 km, never mind will run a few more steps on Friday to make it 5k.

Just wanted to say to all newbies keep going its soooo worth it. Who says we have to settle for couch at 55! Bring it on, thanks laura and all my new friends x


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16 Replies

  • Brilliant, well done you :)

  • Hear hear! I'm 57 and was running along the main road through town today, ripping it up to Baba O'Riley. What a blast!

    Your younger colleague is probably worried about being upstaged by you June. Perhaps insecure ey. LOL

  • Love it. Can just see you now. Young colleague is now on week 8/ 9 must have been a case of the green eyed or the battering with the sun that runon recommended.

  • Thanks juicyju, hoping to follow in your footsteps skins n all, now that would be a pretty sight. Lol

  • 58 here - and bugger anyone else, I'm going to enjoy myself!

  • Good on you, why shouldn't we enjoy ourselves still.

  • I've never felt myself to be old inside my head. Now I'm starting to feel so good physically, I feel really energised!

  • That's it, starting to get in good shape again but it's the buzz you get from it which keeps you going, go you.

  • Too right! I've never been this fit and I find that running - now that I can - is so exhilarating, especially when listening to my favourite tunes. I don't want to ever stop.


  • It sure gets a hold of you, hopefully it goes on for years beats just the waiting for God syndrome.

  • Mother 57 year old here and I'm an outdoor runner. If you'd told me 2 years ago that my future was Lycra clad in day glo colours spending small fortunes on trainers, I would have called you mad, yet here we are. Gramd, isn't it?!

  • Hi, who would have guessed eh, felt a bit self conscious at first but don't care now, went into sports shops for son but now it's me again, loving it.

  • I think we all felt a bit strange going for those first tentative steps, the biggest worry was the tights! You soon forget it all though don't you cos you love it so much

    Practising hills from next week. Upward! Aaaaaaah i might lose a bit of verve so will need a shove from time to time

  • Think that it's outside our comfort zone at first but decided who cares feeling good. Saying that just been for my third run, second was last night so legs knew about it last five minutes.

    We will all be behind you giving that nudge but guess what you can do it . Keep me posted

  • Started tonight! No time like the present

  • How did you do? Could you feel us all giving a push... Bet it went well. Day off from work today and can't get motivated with housework keep reading posts, this running lark gets you in more ways than one lol

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