Feel like I'm going backwards!

Almost literally today. I completed Week 2 this morning and set of just before 8am, and it was beautiful out there but so hot already. My legs felt like I had balls and chains attached to them (my OH gets a similar sensation so I'm told - and not whilst running...cheeky sod), and my breathing was so erratic I thought I might pass out. So all in all it was a hard slog and it felt like I was barely moving at some stages. Even the brisk walk was hard going!

I can't help feeling slightly deflated as when I did R1 at the beginning of the week I actually found it really easy compared to Week 1, so got all cocky about it. Thinking about it though, I know why I found it tough; I don't do mornings but found myself up and about at 4am (sickly toddler) so thought I'd make the most of it, I don't deal with heat very well and I hadn't eaten or drunk anything. So I'm going to stick to my 9pm outings from now on and see if that helps. Fingers crossed!

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  • I am sure it was just one of those days. Think nothing of it and keep running. It will come good again :-)

  • Yes, certainly....whatever works for you. Important thing is getting out there and giving it a go. Good luck!

  • Thank you both. I know it's just one of those days, but after a run that feels good, I guess I just want the same feeling again. God, maybe I'm one of those adrenalin junkies and I've only been doing it 2 weeks!

  • Cheeky OH! Yeah I think everyone is different and has different rhythms, but it was good that you tried something different, well done :)

  • Tell me about it! He'll regret saying that when I'm all fit and gorgeous!! ;)

  • A good friend of mine runs 10Ks and she told me she was red as a beetroot running yesterday. Your not the only one, the fact did scare me a little for my next run (since I'm a long way off from her running standards) but I'm going out tonight in the cool.

    Good luck on your next run.

  • Thank you, that's reassuring to know!

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