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Don't think I'm going to make it :(


Last week I did 25 mins non stop and felt really good. Today I couldn't even manage 17 mins and I feel crap. I'm not fast so looks like a 5k is going to take me about 40 mins. Based on today's performance I'm not even close and I've only got three weeks before the race for life 5k. I'm just not sure I'm going to make it and I really want to run the whole thing as a personal goal. Does anyone have motivation tips for days like this?

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Stop being so hard on yourself! Some runs are good and some bad; put today's down as a bad one and move on.

How far could you run 5 weeks ago? Bet it wasn't anywhere near 17 mins!!

Does it really matter if you can't run the 5k? There will be plenty of people walking part or all of it.

The program really should be called couch to 30 mins X


Slow and steady wins the race. If it takes an hour to run the 5k does it matter?


Chin up Pixie !

The aim of the programme is to run continuously for 30 minutes , many , many of us on here took longer than 30 minutes to reach 5k.

A 40 minute 5k is nothing to worry about , I can promise you that ! Have a couple of days rest and get out there again. You are going to make it ! It doesn't matter if it takes you longer than 30 minutes to reach 5k, it really doesn't :-)

Inhale Confidence, Exhale doubt ! Slow, steady, believe...

You can do this ! :-) xxx


I don't think you should worry. When I did race for life recently I hadnt finished programme so I walked part of it. It was very busy at the start and I dont think I would have had room to start off running. Some of the course was quite slippy and I had to go very carefully too. The atmosphere was great and it is such a moving event that you will get lots out of it even if you don't run every step. But you may well run it all, the adrenalin that kicks in will probably take you part way and reading the messages on people's backs inspired me to push on. Anyway good luck and I hope you are pleased with your performance on the day.

OldPossum in reply to dddd4

I too completed a race for life a few years ago and walked the whole thing and I agree wholeheartedly about it being a moving experience. It's not about speed it's all about participation and whatever time it takes it will be a hekkuva achievement so just enjoy the day.


You can do it, absolutely. It's not about the time. I have done 10 race for life's all ranging in time over the years. My last one 2 yrs ago was all walked due to health issues but I still loved it. It's hard to run all Of it as its so busy so just go for the experience of running for a great cause. Like others have said look how far you have come. No need to give up just keep plodding forward that's what I m doing!!

I can't give you a motivational message but as a week 2'er I read messages from those that are further on in the programme and I can honestly say you are all flipping' inspirational - at 25 mins or 17 mins :-) ..... I can only do 90 secs at time now and I can't wait to get to your stage.....your kind of acheivement keeps us newbies going - thanks for giving us something to aim for :-)

Thank you that's really great to hear xxx

You CAN do it, you just said you already did 25 minutes, so you can do that much again!! Maybe today's wasn't great- there are all kinds of things that make a run tougher I'm finding- weather, time of day, time of month, food, sleep; no two runs are the same but then when you feel really despondent and like there's no point keep going, you suddenly have a good run and feel on top of the world again.

Race for life has got to be one of the best ones to be doing if you are feeling unsure though- it even says in the advert that you can bring your sandwiches along, it's all about the atmosphere for this one, don't beat yourself up if you can't run it all. Don't forget though what difference 3 weeks can make- we were back on 5-8 minute intervals!!


Listen to the, oh so wise poppypug .. she knows! Go slow... just go... you can do this :)


Look at how far you have come and be proud of that. We all have runs that are not what we hoped for sometimes. Don't get so hung up on times that you forget what you have achieved so far. Best of luck


I've been looking all over the place, but I can't find any rule about how long a 5k should take, because... it takes as long as you need it to. Full Stop. What is important is running and keeping it up, not putting Usain Bolt out of a job. So stop putting unnecessary pressure on yourself - there are runs that are less inspiring than others, and that's the way the energy bar crumbles - just chuck it in the f**k it bucket and keep going. You can do this, as long as you decide to encourage yourself rather than find reasons to beat yourself up about not meeting criteria that don't exist :)


5k in 40mins for a new runner is great! Don't worry about time, just go and do it! it's for a good cause, and you may just surprise yourself!😊

Thank you for all the comments guys, I feel a little better. I wasn't so much hung up on the time, more that my pace of 13 mi/min made me think it would take about 40 mins for 3 miles so how could I manage that if I couldn't even do 20 today (just over 1 mile). I'm going to rest tomorrow and then try again Wed and see how I get on. Thank you all, it's nice to know I'm not alone and some runs are just pants xxx


Sure - get over your unrealistic expectations. Also, what has 'feeling good' or 'feeling bad' got to do with anything? The key is getting out there, which you did!

8 or 9 weeks ago I bet you really struggled to run week 1, now, on a BAD day you ran 17 minutes! How great is that!

5K in 40 minutes is something a lot of us would like to achieve, that is a perfectly good time. I would give an arm and a leg to have a 40 minute 5K. In fact, in terms of weight, that is probably exactly what I need to get rid of in order to reach that time ;-).

This isn't about 5K in 30 minutes it is about 30 minutes running. Life sucks sometimes and things get in the way BUT YOU RAN 17 MINUTES!

If it helps, give up any hopes of running 5K and just aim to get round the course, running, walking, crawling - whatever you need to do and it will be much better than you expect.

Also, running is a long term journey - you have the rest of your life to run, what does a week or even a month from now matter as long as you keep getting out there and running?

You are doing really well, how do I know? Because you are still here fighting. I assume you are on week 7 or 8 (I can't remember the schedules)? You are so close to graduation and you have earned every. single. minute of every run.

Just stop expecting life to be perfect and everything to feel 'good', learn to run despite life being crap, not because life is good :-).


You're fine. You're totally fine. What is the absolute worst case scenario? You walk a little? I've been running two years, some days I run a full 5k, sometimes there's a little walking. The best personal goal for this event would be to enjoy yourself.


Hang on in there. I think everyone has good days and bad days - I certainly did. Think how Couch to 5K can stretch you in 3 weeks, so you'll get further by the big day, but don't beat yourself up if you end up walking some of the Race for Life. Take it a few minutes at a time, see how you go, and enjoy yourself!

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