Holiday running?

I completed the c25k plan last week, and feel great! I'm going to continue running 3 times a week but want to know what to do when I go on holiday for 2 weeks.

On previous holidays I've frowned upon people running whilst away, saying things like 'why would you go on holiday to go running', but now I'm running I don't want to have a 2 week break in case I forget how to run, if that's possible.

Does anyone else take their running gear away? There is a gym so possibly a running machine (never used one mind), any advice or tips appreciated.

Also it's all inclusive so guessing a bit of exercise may be needed.

Thanks in advance xx


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  • Up to you obviously, and I think it depends on your general fitness when you started. I had a holiday right at the end, and although I took my stuff didn't run as it was too hot (and no gym). Even though I walked a lot I really struggled to get back into running when I got back. However, I was really unfit when I started c25k and think that makes a big difference. Once your fitness is more settled think you can take a couple weeks off without much effect. If like me the increased fitness is still new, then I would take my trainers and try and go for at least a couple of runs, particularly as you have a gym available if you want it.

  • Many of us take our gear.. tourist running is so much fun:)

    I take mine, this country and abroad...... took it to France last year... had to get up very early before it got too hot, but it was fantastic... There are loads of super, past posts about running on holiday, if you have time to trawl the forum:) It was a lovely way to start a day and being out and about before other folk was splendid :)

    Pack your running shoes:)

  • Ha ha! I do, every time Oldfloss , here and abroad, I go to Bulgaria at least once a year, the countryside is fantastic, but like Floss, have to go early before it gets too hot....πŸ˜„

    Even if you only get out once or twice, you won't regret taking your gear, you also get to see places in a different light. I'd avoid the treadmill, unless you really can't get outside.....

    Don't forget walking will still count.....


  • Everyone does! Get packing πŸ˜ƒ

    Exploring new routes on your holiday will bring fresh impetus to your running. Perhaps you can check out some routes before you go, to sort out the lie of the land as it were, so you have some idea where you are in relation to where you are staying etc, to get your bearings

    Have fun πŸ™‚

  • Oo yes, its such fun looking around on a run!

    I took my kit all over the place during C25k and then continued that since graduation. Im surprised how brave ive become, but one thing I notice is that i scout out a run almost as soon I we get there.

    In Cyprus i ran very early, it was lovely, found some shady lanes.

    The kit is travelling with me to Spain mid May. We are there for 6weeks so i am expecting to have some adventures!

    Make sure someone knows where you are and when you will be back. Take your phone and written. details of who to contact if needed and where you are staying.

    Dont forget Parkrun is all over the place. My son ran parkrun Singapore last week....they had to wait for a flash storm to passπŸ’¦πŸŒ‚πŸƒπŸ»β€β™€οΈ


  • Ah yes, the path to running enlightenment. The first step is to even consider running whilst on holiday and ultimately you will choose your holiday destination based on the kind of running on offer! One of the steps I've already passed is to have my running gear laid out to pack before I've got the suitcases out. For my next holiday I expect to arrive and open my suitcase to find all of my running gear inside but with no recollection of how it got there!

    Seriously though, running on holiday is a great way to explore the surrounding area, chat to the locals, find restaurants, burn off some of that holiday excess etc etc. And depending on where you are and the time of year, there might be a chance to enter some local races. For example, I was in Boston last summer and found a couple of 5K races-great fun.

    Go for it!!!

  • It depends what sort of holidat you are going on I suppose. If you are going on a very small boat for example, and not putting into land at all, then running might be inappropriate. Outside of that... why would you not run on holiday? I find running on holday one of the great pleasures of it. Running on beaches, in woods, up mountains, round cities.. it's an adventure. I also make a point of finding a Crossfit gym in every town I go to and dropping in for a guest workout. Siilarly finding the local parkrun if you are travelling in the UK. I have had such a warm welcome from people I would otherwise never meet while doing this sort of thing and it has made the whole holiday experience much richer for me.

    Holdays are a great opportunity to enjoy the benefits of the hard work you have put into learning to run or exercise. It's not a chore you need a break from.

  • I ran in Venice a couple of years ago - despite the luggage restrictions on the orient express, my kit came along with me. I didn't run in Sweden last year as Mr Rainbow was stressing so much about the weight of our bags (and yes, we were a mere 10kg or so under the limit...!) - but I might be taking DD1 back to Sweden this summer, in which case my running gear will be coming with me.

    I've run when we've been away in the uK as long as it's not been too hilly...

  • Take that kit! You feel closer to a place once you've run in it somehow. It's the best. And you can come back and tell us all about it (take a photo for us, even).

    I ran in a race in Majorca when I was on holiday and it was such a buzz to be part of it. So you could also check out t'interweb and see if there are any fun runs or 3k, 4k or 5k events (maybe a parkrun) where you're going.

  • Perhaps that should be a new theme - take a pic of yourself running in a stunning new location!

  • I was half-way through the programme when we went to Lanzarote (in 2013) and I was so determined not to undo all my good work we took our kit and carried on. We now do that for every holiday, and every time we've fitted in at least 3 runs in the week. We enJoy a bottle of wine between us pretty much every night whilst away and I like to feel that the running offsets that a tad! We alternate power walking with running every evening and yes, it is still hot and I do usually still have a beetroot face when I go down to dinner a couple of hours later but I do also feel very smug when that bottle-on-ice turns up at our table! In summary: go for it.

  • Running tourism is the best! If you use something like a Garmin, you can (I do!) look back on your runs with fond memories. If you're staying at a hotel, the concierge will usually have advice on where to run or where to avoid and some hotels often have maps with running routes marked on them. You can search for popular running routes in your holiday destination on the internet, if you're going to a new city. If you're going to somewhere more rural, I usually pack the brighter coloured tops so that I can be seen more easily by drivers if running on the roads. Have a great time!

  • Thanks for all the info! I will definitely be packing my shoes, may have to invest in some short shorts 😬

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