Week 2 already!!! :-)

Hi everyone

2 weeks ago i started the C25K n it was very difficult start .. i thought id never could do that (running) or thought i'd be stuck to week 1 for ages till i get used to it. BUT with all the support i had when i shared my experience during the days 1&2 i managed to run day 3 without a problem n since Friday I moved to week 2!!! ever so pleased ... and i can def say it's slightly tougher then week 1 but not as tiring as u get used to moving .. :-) (it's awesome way to build it up to 5K - Thank you Laura!! :-) ) I ran week 2 day 2 last night so it was awesome :-) tomorrow hopefully day 3 then moving to week 3.. hope i can do it :)

MoNi :-)


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14 Replies

  • Of course you can!!!

  • thank you :-) will do my best

    PS Congratulation on your graduation!! When I read your post and the "Au reviour" it made my eyes watery cuz its so nice to hear that someone feel so happy to accomplish something that im on my way to hopefully do too!! I cant wait to post same post in 6-7 weeks time!!

    How do you actually graduate - im not familiar with the end of the program? Do u run an event or just on your-own?

  • It would be nice if there was somebody from NHS with champagne and flowers waiting at the finishing line, wouldn't it? Oh and chocolates!

    The graduation requirements are:

    "Graduation occurs when you have completed week 9 run 3.

    Graduation occurs when you can run for 30 min or 5 km for three runs."

    Once you have done this, on your own, you can ask for the graduation badge to be added next to your username. Then, you are a proper runner, starting your proper running "career" :-)

    Take it slow, stick to the plan, don't do one minute more or a metre more than Laura asks you to do and you will be a graduate before you know it! All the best!!!

  • Lol did you just say CHOCOLATE!! :-D sorry i didn't hear anything else after that lol (jk)

    I thought u book a running event or something.. that's good to know! And yes, slowly but surely I will make to the end! not far off-only 7 weeks :-))))

  • The weeks always feel tough but the fitness sneaks up on you quickly. Well ft done on the runs so far - keep posting.

  • thats brilliant! well done :)

  • If I can do it you can do it!

    I'm just starting week 4 and I can feel my stamina improving each run which pushes me to keep going. Ive learnt there's no such thing as impossible, the word itself says IM POSSIBLE! It's actually become enjoyable for me, so keep going ! :)

  • Awww thank you that was very encouraging thought :)and yes true ! Day 1 of any week is bit scary but when u push it lil more u see its not that bad at all.. :-)

  • Well done. The first day of a new week may be a bit scarey, but you can look back at them afterwards and think "why was i bothered?". The programme builds on previous weeks slowly and steadily. By the time you get to week 7 or 8 you'll realise that it's all in the mind anyway. You'll do it if you think you can.

  • Well done, only 7 weeks till freedom :)

  • lol i dont think it will be freedom cuz i would want to keep up with it and if i manage well I could think to go on 5k+ or is it 10k the next on.. but not gonna look that far ahead... 5k is my goal now :)

  • How's it going?

  • It went reeeeaally good. Im gonna do week 3 day 1 in the afternoon or later in evening :-)

  • Week 3 ... Just keep it up ;)

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