Week 7, run 1, a bit tougher this time

The run today was definitely a bit tougher. It was a cold start again (and lightly raining), my legs started to feel heavy quite early on, and my breathing never quite settled down. I also weighed myself this morning, and there is still no change there, although I know that c25k doesn't cause weight loss in itself, the changing habits that happen around it are the thing. So I thought I'd list some changes:

No wine last night, and hoping to keep this as a rule for all nights before runs.

I can now run for 25 minutes which, however tough, is about 50 times longer than I could run 2 months ago.

I have more endorphins in my life, meaning an improvement to my mood and hopefully this will filter through to other things

I'm getting up earlier and going to bed earlier - this has got to be a healthy change in itself?

Every week I spend about 1.5 hours going along a canal, seeing wildlife and getting fresh air, which I wouldn't be doing otherwise.

I feel I've become part of a like-minded and very positive-thinking community through the solidarity of getting through the 9 weeks of c25k :)


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5 Replies

  • Hey you! Im right behind you! What ever you do please don't stop, I'm hanging on your coat tails! Ruth I found the 25 min run hard this morning. But you see we were all out there together, how amazingly wonderful is that. And we are getting there. I wouldn't have dreamt of doing this at Christmas! Super heroes I think!! Xxxx

  • That's pretty cool knowing we were doing our runs at the same time. Please don't literally hang on my coat tails though as I'm struggling to keep a good pace as it is :) It is hard, but Laura says that's how you build stamina, by pushing yourself beyond the point where you want to stop. (even if you're spending the whole 25 mins wanting to stop :) )

  • I had a tough run today too. I did 30 minutes this morning and found it hard going for some reason, and I was VERY red in the face for AGES afterwards, but hey, we were out there doing it, and we kept going even though it was hard :)

  • Maybe the change in the weather has made things a bit tougher? That's funny about the red face. I'm so rosy afterwards. My bf is still in bed when I get back, and I'm softly wheezing, desperate for the bath to get itself run and stretching my legs as if I can actually stretch them into being longer somehow. I'm in such a state after, but keep telling myself it's good for me!

  • Good word that! "Solidarity". It's so true of course as everyone here is supporting each other to get through the 9 weeks of the programme, out the other side and beyond. We are pulling up all sorts of trees in all areas of our lives. Doing stuff we never thought we'd do. It's a blast!!

    Keep up the good work, keep getting out, chewing up those runs and spitting em out. Tick em off and move on. The momentum is key to this. Slow, steady wins the day

    Have fun!

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