Running on empty?

I've now done 2 runs post graduation. I run early in the morning- 6:45. This suits me perfectly but I have started to feel nauseous as I get into the final 5 minutes.. Do you think I feel like this as I'm running before breakfast? I have half a glass of water before I set off. I wondered if eating half a banana about 30 mins before I go would help or make things worse. What do others think? Has anyone else experienced this? I'm not running significantly faster- this morning I ran 4.97k in 32 minutes.


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11 Replies

  • As I got to going out for over 30 min I had to think about my food. I loved my early morning runs but had to have a banana before i set off. You could always try a few dried fruits. Dates, apricots or prunes to eat after you have set off on your run and have a couple of bites half way through. Try different things and see what suits you. Happy running.

  • Thanks I think I will try eating a banana before my next run and see if that works for me!

  • Would be interested to see what everyone says about this actually. I usually just go running as soon as I get in from work (about 7pm) but last few longer runs I've been hungry even before I've set off so might have to force myself to eat a banana on the way home...

  • I think I will follow the advice given and eat a little before I set off.

  • I have a banana before my morning run, Weetabix when I get back

  • Thanks for your reply. I will try eating a banana before I set off on Sunday morning. Then it's porridge for me when I get back- the thought of it keeps me running!

  • I know what you mean. My treat is a pain au chocolate instead of Weetabix and that really works as an incentive!

  • Well, if you are hungry before a run, you are not going to get any less hungry during it.

    30 minutes/5k is not a distance that requires you to take on extra fuel in and of itself. Likewise 10k - after an hour you should be thinking about taking on small amounts of water, but you are not depleting your glycogen stores.

    If you are going out running straight from waking up though, you will probably not have eaten anything for 12 hours or so beforehand. If you would normally eat within an hour of getting up then your body may be confused by not being fed and then streuous demand put on it.

    I would try eating something small when you first wake up - a rice cracker with peanut butter for example, then go for your run.

    Half a glass of water on getting up is not very much though, running or no running. I'd drink at least a pint of water on waking up, and probaby twice that.

  • Try very greasy bacon, eggs, sausage, black pudding and hash browns, washed down with a couple of pints of coffee - it will not help but if you are going to feel nauseous you might as well have a good reason for it :)

  • :D

  • very wise advice here.. Eat what you feel you can and definitely try more water before you go.

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