Running on empty

Hi again, I would like some advice - how long should you wait after eating to go for a 5k run? I have only really had 2 very hard 'running through treacle' runs, both of which were early in the morning before eating anything. I kept on going til the end both times though, but it WAS hard! So how long to wait after breakfast, and what's the best thing to eat in the morning?

All words of wisdom received with thanks xx


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13 Replies

  • That depends entirely on you. I'm a person that needs to eat before a run and I seem to have iron guts. Only time I've gotten sick was when I ate a huge fatty meal. I'll usually have oatmeal, or toast, fruit and eggs before a run. Experiment a little - you'll know if you've had too much.

  • I run on porridge oats, , cooked thoroughly, with a tspn of honey, and go out an hour to 90 mins after

  • I tend to run in the morning, always have something to drink but usually no breakfast and I am fine. Otherwise, I would wait an hour after eating

  • Every one is different, so it will be a case of trial and error. I usually have a banana before a 5k parkrun and then eat properly once I'm finished. If I'm doing anything later in the morning than 9.00 or longer than a 5k then I would usually have some porridge and wait an hour before running. x :-)

  • I try a leave it a good hour after eating but if doing morning or evening run I tend to have a hand full of trail mix(nuts,dried banana and raisins) works for me

    Then emergency jelly babies in pocket when running

    Hope you find something that works for you

  • Thanks for the replies, I'll work on it - probably go down the banana/porridge route tomorrow and see how it goes!

    Happy Christmas everyone - xxx

  • For morning runs as long as it is less than an hour I run fasted. Pint of water about 15 mins before I go, then a green smoothie when I get back.

  • I have 2 cups of tea and porridge every morning. It's usually an hour from breakfast to run by the time I've done school run. Always have a banana and a pint of squash (can't stand water) afterwards. X

  • I run on empty for runs of 5 - 10k ish, other than a pint sized mug of coffee or a few nuts if I wake particularly hungry which seems to sit fine. Otherwise for longer runs it's porridge or meusli but I have to wait a good 90 mins or so before going otherwise I feel like I'm carrying a lead balloon in my guts. Meusli tends to sit better for me than porridge though. It's all a bit of trial and error to find what suits you best :)

  • Porridge with brown sugar then straight out! Oh, and copious mugs of tea first...

  • i run in a morning fairly regularly and i have a banana and a glass of water bout 20 mins before

    afterwards i eat within 30 mins of finishing

  • Gosh there seems to be as many different answers as there are runners.

    Personally I run at 5 ish in the evening, so before any main meal of the day and normally leave about an hour if I have had a snack beforehand.

    I do have a vestibular (balance) disorder which means I have to be careful what time of day I go as mornings are not as good as late afternoon or early evenings.

  • I run every morning and do it on empty.just water before at least 1/2 a litre. Then porridge after, no milk and just a teaspoon of agave sweetener.

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