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Running on empty

So, it would appear that not only have I managed to do C25K and beyond with a dip in thyroid levels, but also with undiagnosed iron-deficiency anaemia (a ferritin level of 4) and a vitamin D deficiency (halfway between the bottom of the recommended range and the bottom, full stop).


Which begs the question: if I can do the running and feel pretty good afterwards, and post respectable times / distances, what's going to happen when the supplement pills kick in? I very much look forward to finding out!

Anyone else found out they were actually in woeful shape whilst thinking they were doing really well?

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Triple snap. I had to have a change my Thyroid meds, add In Iron tablets and supplement for a while with vit d. I think unfortunately they are all things that we happily lived on the lower scale of thing pre running but it just,pushed it over post graduation. I have heard that they are all connected if one is out chances are they all are out. They need each other to work properly. My iron issues came to light as I started to get out of breath after 10min running. Since my levels have got a bit better I find I can train better without getting so worn out and recovery is faster. You will soon be a super person.


Did you also have problems with vitamin B12? (I've been hanging out at Thyroid UK waaaay too much.) My levels would be considered deficient by the standards of most of the rest of the world at 314. My MCV is 94, which would be considered unusual in IDA (microcytic is the way to go with that one) so I wonder whether I have co-existing anaemias...

Either way, I really hope that the iron kicks in quickly; I'll be taking my first one before bed tonight. Timing the taking of the little blighters is really tricky and I don't fancy having to take them at work in case I forget to take them home over the weekend!


I take a good multi vit in the morning just Incase b vits are out. I am a weird one though I take thyroid med between 3-4 am. It's a natural time I just wake up. Take them and go back to sleep so no interference with my iron. Otherwise I agree it gets tricky.


Not triple snap like rfc, but I was iron-deficient anaemic last year, without realising it. I was having some gynae ishoos and it showed up on a blood test. I was surprised and delighted what a huge difference a month of iron tabs made:


Hey, that's a lovely positive way to look at things. Well done you!


Ooohh - I had to take iron tablets when I was pregnant. I managed to keep one in for about an hour, then I was the sickest I have been ever ever ever! I thought I was going to expel the child it was so violent! After I had him they told me I was anaemic again and prescribed the same pills. Needless to say I didn't take them - Mackesons, steak and lots of spinach did the trick though!


Wow, how well have you done then - great stuff.

I can't say the same as you - I set off knowing I have a pacemaker (since 1976!) and am taking anticoagulation medication following pulmonary embolism last year (cause still unknown..) but otherwise healthy.

It was while in hospital following the pe and the many visits and appointments since where I had to admit that I did no exercise at all, that prompted me to begin (and complete) c25k.

Hope there's nothing else lurking!

Hope your health issues improve and the medication does the trick.

:-) x


Blimey, Pink Angel, that's seriously impressive!

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Kind of triple snap - I am Vit D and Iron deficient, but have B12 deficiency as well....hmmm, better get my thyroid checked out :-)

I find that I can run no problem, but the exhaustion kicks in within an hour and hangs around with me all day.


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