Finding week 7 daunting!

I've finished wk7 run1 and I've found it all quite exciting to this point. I'm finding just all running for every run quite daunting. I run slowly, trying not to run out of energy before the end but maybe I could try faster bursts then reign back? To feel like a rest period? Or should I just get on with it because this is what I started it all for!

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  • Haha Am! I felt much the same way - after all the run/walk intervals suddenly running all the time was daunting - but - I have to say that now (wk 8 r 3 on Sat) I actually prefer the all running - I think with all the intervals in the earlier weeks you forget that you actually wanted to be able to run. I think it's a matter of confidence and keeping the couch gremlins at bay - we're more than capable :-) Good luck!

  • Yes! Exactly what Potty said!

    You will discover a new side of you :-)

  • I agree with Potty. Also I found with the longer runs I got into a better rhythm. and it doesn't feel as long. Good luck :)

  • I'm with the others on this, I'm week 8 run 3 and am finding mind over matter every time! I no sooner start running and I'm thinking oh no, all that way to run! Then Laura says well done 5 mins and I think is that all, 23 more I'll never do it. And so it goes. I force myself to think positive thoughts, losing weight, new holiday clothes, anything!! Then, I'm home again and buzzing!! You can do it, we all can do it eh??!!!!!

  • Thanks everyone, your comments helped. Wanting to run without stopping is the reason I started!

    I've done another run with Laura and did an unstructured run yesterday with music I wanted, stretched my legs out and didn't worry about the time. I had faster bursts and did 25 mins anyway (except for stopping to put dog on leader). Feeling much happier to follow the rest of the plan to completion now.

    Many thanks again. I find this forum a massive resource.


  • Hi am, I'm facing the week 7 and my goal is to run without stopping as well. I've been using the walk tests as a bit of a crutch really and I feel I'm floating into unchartered territory. I'm hoping it's not a rough sea, and I can manage to see it through. We've all come so far now, too far to turn back or stop. I also find it comforting to think I'm not alone in all this, and there's lots of us out there trying to motivate ourselves and swimming upstream!

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