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Week 7 - a few questions

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Hi there,

I've just done week 7 run 1 - 25 mins without stopping. I'm really amazed at my progress. I've never ever liked sport and I'm quite short and quite tubby.

I've really never felt better or more confident though. This is doing me so much good mentally, I can only hope it's making a difference physically too.

A few thoughts that perhaps someone more experienced can help with?

I know I shouldn't compare myself to other people, but I feel like I'm quite slow? In 35 mins, including the 5min warm up and 5min cool down- I did my 25min run and only covered 3.4k. Is that normal? Should I have pushed myself and gone further? I've seen other people posting at week 4 saying that they've gone 3.5k in 16 mins...

I think my pace might be slow. My.logic is that slow and steady is best for me and means that I won't be tempted to stop. I guess my pace is around 10m/1k ... which is really slow.

Any tips? Anyone have a good watch /app for measuring?

At the moment I use runkeeper.


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That's usually what I'm covering on week 7

I also feel really slow but the knowledgeable ones on here will tell you slow and steady is the way to go!

Don't try and push it and end up not being able to complete the runs, completing them is the most important and not the distance

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I think it may be that those on week 4 are counting total mileage covered including the walking parts rather than just the running parts. I could be wrong. Either way just focus on improving your stamina and endurance and leave the speed building once you have built firm foundations I.e. after you have graduated.

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#Forget. All. About. Speed. Pace. Distance

Are you Usain Bolt? Are you Mo Farah? Why would you compare your speed to the speed of someone else? It is your personal journey, for you to complete to the best of your ability. You won't run at the speed of Jo Pavey, but you'll certainly run at the speed of Chloe1981. I've always been a fast runner (for this forum) but my workmate is much, much faster than me. Doesn't matter. Your run. your pace.

Many graduates buy themselves a running watch - something from the Garmin Forerunner series are quite common, for example ForeRunner 10. These will record your run, and display your pace as you are running.

Well done for getting to Week 7.

There's absolutely no need to be concerned about distance or speed that will come in time. It's building the duration that's important. You're doing this programme for you and you're doing brilliantly, there's no need to compare with anyone.

I didn't bother about stats while I was doing the programme I was just delighted to be running for 30 mins after week 9.

You're doing fine, keep smiling, keep running!

I am on week 4 and covered 3.9km but I included the walking bits and it's only based on another app on my phone so not sure it's accurate. There is no way I could run for more than 5 minutes at a time at the moment and I need to slow down. I had awful stitch tonight and am really going to sort my pace out. I want to run for 30 minutes not alternate bursts of running with walking. I am 5'8" so do quite long strides I suppose. I also want to make it to graduation and not injure myself or put myself off!

If you started this hoping to be in the next Olympics, then you may as well give up now......if you are just trying to improve your health and fitness....just carry on, lady. You are doing fine.

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Thanks everyone - wise words! I just want to carry on and get to 5k if I can...

Oh you will get there Chloe, don't worry about that😊...

Nice and slow and steady and enjoy your successes.😊

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Gosh so many folks wanting to speed up . Don't! Just do not go there!

Slow is lovely. Take your time and you will complete the programme free from injury. Speed requires fully built running legs and upper body and core strength, which Doesn't happen in weeks. It takes a good long while! No matter though, you can take your time to build up using the free podcasts/app like this one and it's follow-up

For now, just keep slowly working your way through the sessions 😃

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Forget speed, pace and distance.. try not to compare yourself with anyone.. This is your journey.

We seem to be inundated with the need for speed currently, which goes right against the whole ethos of the C25K programme , which is, a slow and steady build up to thirty minute runs after nine weeks.. :) You get there..injury free and having fun!

There is no such thing here, as too slow... it is the way to go... it is the new fast!!

Take the advice of the folk who know... they are still here, still running and still enjoying...unlike many who push too hard, too soon and get all sorts of issues from repetitive stitch to damaged bodies! misswobble is so right. stamina and running strength, take time... a lot of it..but you will get there..

Slow and steady is the way... listen to your own body, forget 5K, and forget checking times...just follow the programme...:)

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Re speed. I'm always puzzled when posters post something along the lines of ..."hey I'm actually really fit already, but just want to tell everyone that even though I'm only on week 2 I can run 5k in 28 minutes!" I just wonder why they are doing this particular course (which is designed to develop sedentary people) as its obviously not stretching them. Just as long as YOU are developing then ignore everything you hear from any speedy gonzalez :)

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Rignold in reply to runlikeagirl

I suspect some of them may be exaggerating a little, too. Its a thing that happens surprisingly often on weightlifting related forums. Newbies pop up and, unaided by steroids or bionicism go from being skinny starters to lifting horses and grand pianos in a month. Their arms double in size. And yet they never manage to provide photographic evidence of their feats.

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Chloe - snap I am about to start week 7 tomorrow morning - I am slower than you and that doesn’t bother me because I am out there doing it!! I am covering about 3.1k but even if at the end of week 9 I am only at 3.5 k I will still be mighty chuffed with myself to be running for 30min non stop!!

Like a few have said it’s all about your personal health and fitness

- give yourself a break you are doing FAB!

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