Hi my name is Noaky &............[takes deep breath] I enjoy running.........

There I've said it outloud so it must be true now. Lol. Never in my life did I ever think I'd be saying that!!!

I'm on wk5 r2 tomorrow & looking forward with nervous excitement to r3 on Monday morning.

I'm aiming to complete a 5K at the start of May & right now am feeling vaugely confident about it. Even if I have to walk bits. I will run the majority.

Loving the C25K app although I do swear at Laura quite often! Sorry Laura......

Happy running everyone. ๐Ÿ˜„


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  • It's scary isn't it.

    I realised I was an addict when I stepped out into horizontal rain this morning because I HAD to finish week 4 today to ensure I could start week 5 on Monday!

  • I do sometimes think this forum should be called Runners Anonymous! Full of people in shock about what running has done to them (in a good way, of course!)

    Complete the 5K? You'll probably WIN it!

  • If i swore at Laura i would have to apologise! LOL

    You'll graduate if you take care, take things slowly and you'll be fine. Stick with Laura and she'll get you through

  • Hi Noaky. C25K is amazing. The really great thing is that it gets people who think that they dont like running to give it a go, and they then end up loving it.

    I think it is because C25K gets you into it gently, and gives you a gentle well structured program to get you to a goal. That goal of a continuaous 30min run seems incredible when you start, and week after week you gain in confidence that you can achieve it.

    That gentle progression I think is really important. I'm sure so many people in the past have given running a try and just gone belting out the front door as fast as they can quickly feeling knackered and out of breath, never to put on running shoes again.

    The gentle encouragement of Laura is another good thing. Many of us find it difficult to leave Laura behind after C25K, and have to come back to visit her with the C25K+ podcasts.

    Happy Running :)

  • Noaky, you're amongst friends now. Let it all hang out. Confess all. Soon you'll be posting pictures of running shoes, that's just the natural progression of this disorder. There's currently no known cure, except to keep going. we won't judge you for running in The rain even. bless you my child! X

  • Feels great doesn't it? Well done and good luck you are nearly there :)

  • Thanks everyone for your warm welcomes & replies. Good to know I'm amongst like minded people here! X

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