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Week 6 Run 2 Complete

Well I went to the gym on Sunday and managed Week 6 Run 1, although I really struggled with it. Put it down to the bottle of wine I had on Saturday night and no breakfast. Probably shouldn't have run, but managed it.

Tonight I managed Week 6 Run 2, and although it was better than Sunday, there was a bit of a twinge in the knee afterwards. It seems to have eased off now though, and I'll give it a few days rest, but not sure whether to go back and do an earlier run, say Week 5 Run 2, or to try Week 6 Run 3, but reduce the pace. I'm currently running at 8.7k/hr so it's not much more than a shuffle that I'm currently doing.

Any advice appreciated.


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I'd suggest picking up where you left off, but taking an extra rest day or so. Weeks 4, 5 and 6 all involve big steps up week on week, so the occasional twinge Is to be expected.


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