I'm out guys. Down and bloody out! Did some "gentle" stretches yesterday morning and managed to pull a muscle in my back. I wasn't going crazy or anything, just finished my sesh, got up to walk to the shower and then realised that my lower back felt like it had a bag of cement attached to it. PAINFUL OR WHAT?!!! Whew! So spent the day eating neurofen sandwiches and putting a hot pack down my strides (at the back obvs). By bedtime last night it had eased and today I can even walk! YEaahhhhhh!!!

So it's still tender and Mr Physio is due tomorrow afternoon to examine my right leg. So I'm gonna get my money's worth when I see him. The thought of actually running at the moment is a non starter owing to my own stupidity.

So the moral of this story is - if you stretch and you're over 50, go bloody easy!

Thanks for reading.

Yer pal



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54 Replies

  • Oooh, hard luck Dan, take it easy, I know what that bag of cement feels like! I'm sure you'll get through this quickly enough.

  • Cheers mate.

  • blimey Dan you are not doing well , duly noted about the 50+ though thanks :) glad it has eased a bit today :D

  • I'm a bloody nightmare! Time for another neurofen sarnie....

  • think I would reaching for the jack daniels as well

  • Dan the Man , whats happening ? You are falling apart at the seams !

    Mind you , my sister did her back in painting her toenails just before she left for the airport to go on holiday. Her hubby had to fold her in half to get her into the taxi ha ha !

    Yep, squeeze every penny out of that physio visit tomorrow, and I really hope this is the last of injuries for you for a very long time, you have had more than your fair share !

    Hope you feel lots better soon xxx

  • Pops! I'm a klutz! All I can say is that neurofen and a gin and tonic do wonders for the pain. BUt it's farrrrr too early for a snifter. I'm gonna have to wait until 5pm!

  • Yah absolutely ! :-D xxx

  • Only 40 minutes to go Dan! Hope the pain has lifted by tomorrow and your physio can work his or her magic.

  • It's a "HE" and a thoroughly decent chap too. At the moment I'm more concerned with being able to scramble onto his portable treatment bed! Might sneak in a cheeky gin prior to his arrival......


  • As the song says, "It's five o'clock somewhere...!"

    Get well soon, Dan!

  • Glug glug glug.....fizzzzzzz.......slice of lemon sir? Ooooh! Suit you!

  • I'm a TIGER! Grrrr..!! :-)

  • Noooo such bad news Dan. Welcome to the wonderful wacky world of double injuries. Hope your physio can work a little bit of magic for you but, in the meantime, Pops and I will shove up and make a bit of room for you on the old IC.

  • Thanks. Now budge up.......I'm only small!

  • Sorry to hear that Dan. Get well soon.

    I am a fellow 50+ er and putting my socks on qualifies as stretching session for me!

  • Haha! I LOVE that.

  • Oh no, so sorry. I hope the physio works his magic. Maybe a few more painkillers after he's finnished as its never a pain free thing physio. Happy healing.

  • I think I need one of your chocolate cake slices. There's healing properties in them thar cakes...!

  • I never stretch; far too dangerous, especially at ....almost 65 (Blimey, how did that happen?). But I do go to a chiropractor every 4 mnths and he keeps me lithe & lissom. I've had my share (over 25 yrs worth actually) of lower back problems so I do empathise. Hope the physio sorts it for you but if not bear in mind that a chiropractor may be able to. Keep taking the G&T!!

  • Thanks OldNed. Lower back probs are common aren't they? I've always had a weak lower back so it's probably no wonder it went whilst stretching! I'm with you.....don't stretch!

  • Thanks for the warning to the over 50's, I was about to do Laura's stretch and strength week 3 when I read your post. I'm going to do it really gently now !!

    Hope all goes well with the physio, and that you are soon up and bouncing like tigger.

    Have a G&T for me :)

  • Cheers Zev. We share the same birth year which is pretty cool. Just think....52 years ago, The Beatles were going to release Rubber Soul. We were 2! I remember it like it were yesterday...(not really.....)

  • Aw Dan its one thing after another. Hope all goes well with the physio and that you aren't out of action for long x :-)

  • Thanks N-e. Appreciate that.

  • Good luck for tomorrow... Hope the G&T has its usual anaesthetic effect and the physio gets you sorted!

  • You can't beat a proper G&T can you? Have you tried it with slices of cucumber? AMAZEBALLS!

  • Yummy! Hendrick's is my fave ... Delish 😉

  • Hard luck Dan, hope you recover soon.

  • Thanks coddfish. It's worse having to admit I'm a klutz!

  • Firstly, obviously, I'm sorry to see you've gone and done yer back in.

    But you're 50?? Really?? Who are you kidding? You look (and behave!) like a young whipper snapper! I truly don't believe it. Early April Fools obviously...

    :) xx

  • Well that's extremely nice of you to say PA. I'm 52 at the end of the month and I hope I always behave like a whipper snapper!

  • It seems quite common for folks to hurt themselves merely getting ready to shower. It happened to me one mother's day while getting ready to be taken out to dinner. it took a chiropractor to sort me out the following day Rest up Dan. I don't think you'll be running for a few days. Cold might be a better compress than a hot water bottle ibufren gel is good!

  • Theres the answer - don't shower!! simple

  • Thanks MW. I never know whether it should be a cold press or a hot press? I'll try the cold one next....

  • Oh Dan, not good news, hope the physio sorts you out tomorrow. Be careful on the injury couch - some of them are really soft and not good for backs!

  • Cheers C4ts. :-)

  • Sorry to hear that Dan.

    Backs are funny things, we take them for granted until they bite back for no reason, just to remind us what pain is like. Seems like the silliest things can start them off.

    Hope it gets better soon.

  • YEs, don't they say back pain is the worst ailment for sick days in the UK? Thanks OG. Love your HU name by the way! Hahaha!

  • describes me to a T!!

  • Ouch! I have a very dodgy back (put it out doing a sudoku once), so I empathise totally. An ice pack on the affected area usually helps me more than anything. Fingers crossed that the physio can help...

  • Thanks Hennith. Gonna try an ice pack now!

  • Get well soon Dan, backs are so easily tweeked, mine first went moving a full size fruit machine out of a car for my mum- long story! :X hope the physio works his magic on you! in your honour(well almost cos i'd just dished it up before i read your post) i'm on the G&T!! :)

  • A full size fruit machine for your mum?????? And here's to a fellow Gin and T'er!

  • Got to love a G and T! it only take 1 nowadays to knock me out! :( :)

    My dad bought the fruit machine for some reason for mum(she did like them but not THAT much(hes a hoarder!), £20 out of the paper, it stood in our scullery for 25 yrs, after he had took it apart to fix and never re assembled , then we sold it again for £20 when he moved! :X

    Hope you feel better today! :)

  • Ouch! I've budged up and made space on my injury throne for you. Hurry up and get your running shoes back on though as it's a little crowded! Fingers crossed the physio is helpful.

  • Thanks Alipru. Appreciate that. I'll be out there soon - I just know it!

  • Consider doing some pilates classes, when your fit. We had an awesome trainer , but she moved to mainland. I often work through some her moves. Ive had tight lower back one morning before training. I did few the moves, next day no issues. Absoluteley great for core stability

  • Thanks Lisa. I did in fact join a pilates class a couple of years ago. I was the ONLY geezer there and got some strange looks from the ladies. They obviously thought I was some sort of pervert or something turning up to their session. I DID really enjoy it though, but the teacher stopped the classes to go off and give birth (selfish or what?!!) so that was that. I must look around to see if I can do another class somewhere else....

  • Absolutely, I used to take my husband along! there were occasionally other blokes in class. Have a mate in Mallorca who does boys only yoga ! followed by beer and pizza I think!.

  • Hey Dan,have you been munching on those Neurofen and swigging from the gin bottle in preparation of your physio visit ?

    If he comes in and says " Quit yo' jibber jabber , or youre gonna meet my friend, pain ! " - You know you are in BIG trouble :-)

    Hope it goes okay for you , let us know how you go on xxx

  • HAhaha! That reminds me, time for another pain killer. Thank you PP. Will report back if I can walk afterwards.....

  • Oh not you too Dan. Hope it goes away as quickly as it came. I have been known to hang on open doors to stretch my back out ;-)

  • have posted this a few weeks back: healthunlocked.com/couchto5...

    As for the back, I had hurt my back just picking up a bag from a chair.... :( I took a couple of painkillers just to help me sleeping - I am generally against them, unless the pain is really unbearable - simply because I am afraid that if I do not feel the pain I will end up doing more damage!

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