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Half price womens running stuff

As i am always on the hunt for a bargain, and needed some warmer running stuff....dont do cold!

Popped into Tesco for some other stuff, but noticed the running stuff was half price!

Got a long sleeved top and jacket, all their Kelly Holmes range...with zippy pockets! :) for half price!

Their race for life stuff was also half price! So 3 pairs of legging and a very pink tee shirt later! Woo hoo! I will not get cold! ;)

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thanks for that! Off to Tesco in the morning now :-)

I'm in need of new stuff that's a bit warmer too.


Excellent, any excuse to go shopping and half price sounds even better...thanks for the heads up!


Goody, will go and check it out. I have to say I was a bit fed up last time I looked at the Tesco stuff as it was all miniscule sizes. Nothing bigger than a size 12. But that's probably because all the normal size people doing fitness stuff had snapped up the bigger sizes!


Great. My husband got loads of stuff at Lidl last week but they obviously don't think that women run, grrr.


Humphhh :( When I checked online there was only one top in the sale and they only had it in a size 6!!!

Went down the big tesco for shopping today as I needed petrol. They don't have any running kit at all!!!! Double :(


I know I'm a bit late in saying this but I couldn't find anything in the larger Tescos in my area either.


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