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As promised, I did it :)

Hi happy fellow c25k'ers. You asked for an update after I posted last week about my need to get off the honeymoon couch and back to it.

Well I made it back to the UK Saturday lunchtime after an amazing 4 weeks in New Zealand, bag was delayed in Dubai after missing the connection and my boiler was totally busted (not the best after really needing to shower after 24hrs on a plane! Yuk!, plus the house was cold, brrrrr...) Good news is bag arrived 24hrs later and my boiler has just been repaired (broken pump :( ) now I just need to figure out why my shower is just trickling and not spraying :S

All life things aside and some great Jetlag going on, I made it out tonight for W5 R1 as an ease back into some serious running (cue the rocky music ;) ) I found the first 5 minutes easy since it was slightly downhill, the next 5 were a little harder (and uphill) but the last 5 went by in a blur and I even put on some speed for the last minute. I must say I can't have lost that much fitness and it's definately been easier than the first time I ever did it. I'm definately going to take it slow though, if this forum has taught me anything it's slow and steady keeps you off the IC! Here's to finishing week 5 and doing week 6, then it's onto my own personal plan. I'm also going to try and loose some weight, I may have put on a bit off a food baby since going away and loosing some chub will help my speed. I have a race time to beat from last year and I have until the 9th of June to do it! :D

Happy running folks!

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Well done, that is great. glad the boiler is fixed!! Sounds like you have a good plan. I am too trying to lose some weight mind you I have a stone to lose before July (well that's my aim) we can do it


I'd like a stone off to start with too :) 14 weeks until my run, at 1lb a week that should be doable, scared at what the scales will tell me tomorrow morning :P we can definately do it!


I do the 2 out of 3 test as my scales are not very nice. So I have to stand on them 3 times to get my actual weight and my partner even double checks his weight at the gym ;) I aim for a pound a week. We will do it most certainly. P.s I would touch the scales until you have been for a few more days flying seem to cause you add at least a few pounds no joke.


My trousers didn't fit too well after we landed on the way out and then got better.......perhaps you are right with the weight thing. It'll have to wait until tomorrow now, I totally forgot and have just scoffed breakfast! :)


Ah good to hear youve got your boiler sorted LF. We dont realise do we how much we take these things for granted until they stop working. Pah !

Good to hear you enjoyed your run, bet it felt great to be back out there, and Good Luck with the weight loss plan. I feel like a useless blob at the minute so will be getting stuck into getting some timber off too.

Welcome back and Happy Running ! :-) xxx


Thanks poppypug! I hate getting timber off......I like food too much ;) I find running a lot easier but that on its own isn't going to shift it :)


Lots and lots of delicious meals and cakes! I'm not feeling too guilty but it's time to get off the couch and on the wagon :P Bedtime last night was 9:15 still some Jetlag butt kicking to do but at least I managed a run :)


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