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Haven't managed x3 5k runs a week but (pic)

Haven't managed x3 5k runs a week but (pic)

First off i would like to apologize for the half nude flabby pic of me and my boobies here! (male.) The pic on the right (the oldest) shows me sitting it's kind of hard to see, but it's the only picture i have of me at that time. (about 1 week before i start this whole journey.) But trust me when i say, if i was stood up i would have a belly shelf. (and that's me wearing a compression vest.)

For the last week and a half i couldn't get out on a run due to both my son and daughter having stints in hospital.

My little boy Jensen with suspected meningitis (he's OK) & my little girl Imogen who we suspect has Lactose Intolerance, so trying to get her onto bottles with Lactose free milk has been a nightmare since she has been breast feed since birth not to mention the lactose free milk tastes disgusting.

Anyway since i started this possibly about a month ago now? (ie C25K & 5:2 Diet)

I've went from 15st. 6lb to 13st.12lb OR from 99kg down to 88kg whats that, 1 and a half stone?

Both Jensen and Imogen are looking bright and happy ATM, so i'm hoping i can get back to x3 5k/30min runs a week now. Its really invigorating to know that I've been going from 110% effort down to maybe 50% (never really completely stopping both the 5:2 or running at the same time.) and still managing to see this kind of weight loss.

Again sorry if you were eating :(

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Impressive weight loss. Have you come to enjoy running like many of us? Is it starting to become a bit of an addiction (a healthy one :) )

Do you feel better since you've taken up running? Do you feel more alert ad awake during the day now?

Happy Running :)


YES :D!! I thoroughly love running when i can get out.

I get a little moody if i can't have my run.

I had this idea though, to build up stamina:

To always carry my starting weight, possibly in a backpack or so?

That would mean about 1st 7lb in a back pack with me every time i run.

Need to try this.


Well done you - bet you feel so much better, despite the extreme worry with your children. Poor you - life's a real b***er sometimes isn't it. So important for you to grab that 40 mins of me time - help you cope so much more if you're fit and energised.

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Well done for weight loss and running success. Sometimes things get in the way but you'll get back to it ok, I'm sure!

Glad little Jensen ok and hope the feeding goes ok for the baby. So sorry about the breast feeding, I really am. Baby's Mum must be gutted. :( Any advice for her about carrying on with breast feeding but changing her own diet instead? (Similar thing happened to a friend years ago. Both of us priding ourselves on breast feeding all our babies and never having to take 10 tonnes of plastic with us when we went out and it suddenly got very complicated and upsetting for her and her baby!!)

Good luck to you all!


I'm gutted also, since i had severe eczema and asthma growing up, knowing that breast milk can help prevent both of those was a big reason why i encouraged the wife to breast feed.

Imogen has already had 10 weeks worth of breast milk so far, so it's not the end of the world.

The wife is expressing and freezing her milk currently while the specialist pediatrician monitors Imogen over the next couple of weeks..

My only other grip is that i can't run in cold conditions, i don't mind being cold but my lungs "asthmatic" can't function properly in cold conditions, I've found anything below 7°C to be really departmental to my breathing, around 12pm today the temperature should go up to around 6-8°C so i'm hoping to get out Today, Wednesday and Friday.


Hmmmm. I understand your strong feelings about the benefits of breast feeding. I was religious in not introducing anything at all other than breast milk into my babies' mouths for the first 25 weeks or so as my husband has dreadful Crohns disease. I felt that it was worth a shot. So far so good with children's health. The oldest is 26 now! I really hope the paediatrician can help and is singing from the same hymn sheet as you two.

I'm not asthmatic but quite a few people on this forum are and (you may roll your eyes!) they suggest wearing a buff and having it covering mouth and nose when it's cold as it warms the air going in. No idea if this would help you.


Sorry to hear about your little ones, hope they get better soon! And that is excellent weight loss in a good time! You'll see even better improvements with consistency and longer time on your feet if and when you choose to increase your distance. Congratulations, the most important thing is that it was somewhat effortless and lifestyle orientated so hopefully its a lifelong change for you, well done.

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You are looking great, what a difference a few weeks make. Sorry to hear about your children's health problems and I hope the milk thing resolves itself. If breast feeding has to stop, it won't matter to Imogen in the long run, but I can understand how upsetting it may be for your wife, having breastfed my two (now adult) children. Good luck with running and diet.


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