Couch to 5K

Storm Imogen and Week 7 defeated!

Set off for the third session of Week 7 in the wind and rain of Storm Imogen (anyone else remember the days where just called it wind and rain?)

Half way through just as laura was telling me I had done 12 1/2 minutes the wind died down and the sun appeared from behind the clouds, had a very nice 2nd half of the session.

Obviously a fat bloke jogging in lycra was too much for Imogen, no staying power some women! lol

Only 2 weeks to go!

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Hahaha! Imogen's a lightweight! Well done on the run , soon be graduating X 😊


Thats funny but you beat her in the end. I love your tags!


Brilliant Andy, well done! Post made me chuckle! :)


agreed..... bloody media hyping up the weather...... storm imogen indeed!!!..

Keep at it Andy!!



I struggled this morning. With a cross wind, every time I lifted my left leg up it got blown into my right leg. That was fun! Not!


Ha ha ! Well done Andy !

I love your tags too ! Ha ha ! :-) xxx

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Cheeky... she just thought she would give you a chance ! :)

Brilliant.. well done you!


Laura versus Imogen. Yay Laura wins.. and so do you. Well done Andy, I did a run in the wind yesterday too! It was fun and I got home before the deluge..

You are almost there now. :)


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