Graduation Parkrun

Graduation Parkrun


Graduation run completed and my first parkrun under my belt.

Managed to press the wrong button on my Garmin at the start in all the excitement, so will have to wait for the official time. However, really enjoyed it even though i did not have enough energy at the end for a sprint.

Thanks to Laura and the NHS, but many, many thanks to everyone on this forum for being there with encouragement and sharing your experiences, you really made it possible for this old man to get through the 9 weeks. This is a life changing programme and you make it work.

Mrs OG has even stated that she wishes to start after our holiday, so she has noticed a difference in my health and fitness.

Will let you know proper time when results come in but happy with a pace of 6:07 min/km.

Next run Cuba!!


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39 Replies

  • Congratulations. Hope the weather was as nice up there as it was here this morning.

  • Thanks AHS, the weather really helped as it was mild and sunny. This parkrun is beautiful as it is mostly through trees on good paths. A little bit hilly for me, but not too bad.

  • really well done OG :D great way to celebrate your graduation :D

  • Thanks Rob, really enjoyed it (in a masochistic sort of way) :-)

  • haha I know what you mean, I luv doing parkrun :D and now it looks like we have spring doesn't it feel great to be out there running :D :D

  • Well Done. And with all those hills. Fantastic feeling. Can't believe I was there (wk9, not Humber Bridge) only last week and I haven't run since. Terrible. Have a fantastic holiday and look forward to hearing how the other half gets on.

  • Thanks Buffy, will do.

  • Oh no Buffers - why no running? You need to get back out there right away!

  • I know, its really bad isn't it. Knees have been sore - and maybe I'm being lazy. If I don't start by Tuesday then I'll really be on the sliippery slope. I need someone to give me a kick - all this glorious weather too.

  • Consider this your kick! I ran 3 times this week and I'm not very well. So get off your (much perter than it used to be) behind and get out there in the lovely sunshine!

    Did that work??!!

  • Well I haven't laced up yet, but this did make me laugh - as per usual on this forum. Thanks.

  • Hey Buffers ! Chop Chop, off ya pop ! :-)

    We will all come round to yours and rattle yer letterbox :-) xxx

  • That's very polite for a Yorkshire lass - think you need to be a bit more brutal.

  • Well done OG. Congratulations on your graduation!!

  • Thanks GF, just hope there is room on the graduation couch! Been lots of graduates this week.

  • Many congratulations!! Great way to do a graduation run!! Holiday to Cuba sounds very exciting!! Have a fab time!!! Take your garmin if it's safe to do so it's nice to have a little record of different places you have run. While I like to have a little record.

  • Thanks VixChile, will do, will try to post when I am away but think connectivity is not too great. Have my running route planned!

  • Congratulations and excellent graduation pace too, well done

  • Thanks Melly, I wouldn't have thought that it was possible 9 weeks ago.

  • Awesome, and you finished on a Parkrun, which IMO is the best way to graduate!!

    Can't wait to hear that Mrs OG has started so we can cheer her on too. Enjoy your holiday. Have you plotted a 5k run on google earth yet? We're off to Lanzarrote later in the year and I have my run plotted out already :)

  • Thanks RMNSUK, have a 2.5 Km route planned which is all on quite roads near our hotel. Twice round hopefully avoiding all those big old american cars.

  • Congratulations Old Git! I think we started at a similar time, nice to see you graduate and I agree, everyone on here makes all the difference. I even have your names in my head when I run, thinking I must do this, I can do this, can't wait to post to update etc. sad maybe, but it works eh?? Happy running pack your trainers :)

  • Thanks Northern Spirit, It's the thought that everyone is sharing the same experience, doubts and problems. Definitely works and trainers, shorts and running tops are all in the case! :-)

  • I'll be away for your graduation run :-( , all the best and look forward to seeing your graduation post.

  • Well done OG, fabulous! What a difference in nine weeks, amazing really. Great that your wife is going to do it too. I wish my husband would - I have been trying to persuade him, but no luck yet.

  • Thanks GLudwig, just need to get her out for her Week 1 Run 1, after that she will be hooked.

  • Fantastic, well done! A great graduation run and a good time you did it in too. Enjoy your holiday and your running. That's great that Mrs OG wants to start too x :-)

  • Thanks No Excuse, can concentrate on the packing now.

  • Congratulations OG! What a great way to graduate! Now to plan all your new running adventures! Hope Mrs OG loves the programme.

  • Thanks UllyRunner, Hope to gradually up the distance and encourage Mrs OG.

  • Amazingly well done! You are truly inspirational! Have a great holiday and keep running - (as if anyone could stop you now!?!)

  • Thanks Ladyidle, I'm really blushing!! Well and truly got the bug now.

  • Cuba will be a great country to run in. Enjoy yourself!

  • Thanks RWD, Looking forward to it, will hopefully be warm and roads will be quiet.

  • Enjoy Chile - very envious

  • Oooh didnt realise you had done 2 posts OG.

    Many , many Congratulations to you, you are a Superstar !

    Well done OG, and hope you have a fantastic holiday :-) xxx

  • Thanks PP

  • Well Done OG, brilliant :)

  • Thanks Millwalki

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