Graduation happiness 🏆💐🍾❤️

When I started the C25K programme in March, I didn't realise the powers I let loose. I don't even remember the exact date of my first run - I'd tried running before and had never really come to enjoy it, so I guess I didn't really believe I was going to learn how to run this time around either.

But I did. I'm definitely a runner now. And I'll soon have the badge to prove it.

When I reached the first hurdle, I logged into this forum and found the friendliest online community I have ever experienced, and you have played (and will continue to play) a crucial part in my succeeding in this running business. I owe many of you thanks!

This is just the beginning, there is no stopping it, I have the runners' bug!

Love from Copenhagen💋


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57 Replies

  • Well done Iben😎 Congratulations🌹 Brilliant - you bombed through the programme and I'm sure you will continue to run and love it!

  • Congratulations IbenCopenhagen!!! Bet you feel great! I am getting nearer - just done Wk5 R2. Enjoy your success! 🏃🏃

  • You did it! I was just thinking of you a short while ago. :)

    Huge Congratulations, Graduate :)

    I am proud of you and so pleased for you. I will continue to watch your progress from here. The journey goes on and the paths you may choose are endless.

    Bask in the glory and get that badge. :)

    "...and suddenly, you know: It's time to start something new, and trust the magic of beginnings".

  • You were with me out there. I felt it🏃.

    I've asked nicely for the badge. I'm sure that RFC will fix it soon.

  • Iben,I too have been following your progress on this lovely forum...many congratulations!! I am 3 weeks behind you and have just finished w6r3-soo excited!!

  • Thank you, Anna. And good luck with the remaining 3 weeks. You're already a runner and you will do this!

  • Brilliant. Congratulations💋

  • Congratulations!!!

  • Congratulations and very well done!

    It is indeed a great achievement to be able to run 30mins in a short span of two months.

    I completed by w9 two days back and was very ecstatic :)

  • Congratulations right back at you! 🏆

  • Well done! Now go to the Langelinie promenade and show that little mermaid what legs are really meant for. 😁

  • Still a little too self conscious to run at Langelinie with all the spectators that would entail, but I'm eyeing one of the only three parkruns in Copenhagen. I would love to do that soon. 5k is just around the corner.

  • Congratulations!!! :D

  • Congratulations Iben! the badge suits you :)

  • Juhu!

  • Congratulations. C25k is a brilliant programme, but this forum is the icing on the cake. I wonder sometimes whether I would still be running if it was not for my daily following of this inspirational site. Hearing the journeys of so many new runners constantly reinforces the need to maintain the habit.

    The world is your running track, Iben. Keep running, keep smiling.

  • Congratulations! :) I've really enjoyed reading your updates and hope to be up there with you in a couple of weeks! ;)

  • Well done! Cool badge.

  • Well done--enjoy your running. :)

  • So that 'Graduate' badge next to your name is very well deserved. Congratulations Iben - you rock!

  • Which plan have you chosen for the start of your (tries to guess age and fails miserably) 60 year running plan?

  • Not sure yet but 5k is the next goal. Either by adding a couple of minutes to my runs every week until I reach 5k, or... I don't know.

    I'm 44, by the way, so another 60 years of running is probably a bit more than I'll manage.

  • I managed my first 5K at my first post-grad run - all I did was go a little slower and just kept running really. It was surprising how little effort it required - it took around 40 minutes and the joy was immense at the end :-).

    Why not have a go for your first post-grad run - slow and steady?

    OK - 40 year running plan? ;-)

  • I might give the 5k a go tomorrow, if everything feels good after 30, but the plan is to do 3x35 minutes this coming week and see how far that takes me.

    My long term plan is to keep enjoying it. If I lose that, I will most definitely not keep running for long. So whatever I do it has to be enjoyable first and foremost.

    I promise to keep you posted abou plans as they materialise. Right now I can't see beyond 5k.

  • Wow - well done Iben! Brilliant news!xx

  • Great Job!!!! :) Brava!!! How did you celebrate?

  • We went to a party with a bunch of old friends. They didn't realise it, but we were partying all night to celebrate my graduation 🍹. And this week I'm going to get myself nice new running gear of some kind

  • Brilliant news. Awsome job. Congratulations graduate! 😆

  • Such brilliant news, m'dear, congratulations 🎉🎈⭐️🎈🎉 Graduation is something to be really proud of.

    You're so right about the wonderful support from the good people on here. I'm sure I'd have given up long ago if it wasn't for the support, advice and inspiration I've found reading the post and responses on here.

    Very best of luck as you embark on your postgraduate running journey. Take some time to consolidate what you've achieved so far and then..... well, this beautiful world of ours is full of parks and roads, so there's a whole world out there waiting for you to explore :)

  • Yay!!! Well done! Wear that badge with pride.

    You, amongst others on here, are an inspiration to me.


  • Congrats. And I love your posts on here :)

  • Congratulations! Really well done you!Yep this forum is the best!😊

  • Well done and we'll deserved 🏃

  • Many Congratulations Iben !

    You are such a supportive member of this forum and its been lovely reading of your progress

    May you love wherever your running takes you from here, its just the beginning !

    Well done ! :-) xxx

  • Huge congratulations on your graduation..haven't commented on your posts before although I've read a few :) you had an amazing c25k. Badge well deserved :)

    Wish you continued running success x

  • Huge congratulations, and like most of us it sounds like this has been a huge achievement.., well done. The World is your oyster now.... You just need to decide on the journey ✨✨✨

  • Fantastic. well done!

  • Feeling good for you Iben, absolutely brilliant. Grad badge looks good on you. How did you celebrate, did you go for the loud scream, fist pump, quiet smirk or Phoebe's run from Friends.

    All the best and happy running.

  • Actually, I got all teary eyed during the cool down walk. Yes, a bit of happy crying. This is huge for me.

  • Congratulations on your graduation! It's a great achievement, and I'm sure you will continue to succeed in this running business :)

    Can I just say that Copenhagen is one of my favourite places for running tourism :) I chose the hotel for my whole team specifically because of the great running available, although I just said to them (8 of us, there for 4 days) 'Oh, it's a nice place, I've stayed there before' :D :D

  • Thanks Annie, where in Copenhagen are you preferred running routes?

  • Garmin tells me around Kobenhavns Havn - so along the side of Kalvebod Brygge and back along Islands Brygge. That's a 5k if I'm pushed for time in the morning or if I have a bit longer I can get up to Nyhavn from there. All the tourist spots! Or round Christianshavn, that's nice too. It's a lovely city :)

  • Have you heard of Christianshavnermilen? Once I am ready to do 7k, that's what I'll do:

  • That looks lovely. I'm sorry, I don't speak Danish so I didn't understand much of the website - when is the race? Did I understand that it's a regular event? You will be able to train for 7k, although I'm sure you will be sensible and take it steadily :) Build up gradually, but the thing to do is keep the enjoyment, as you have said on here. I never thought I would stick to running, but 4 years on I have done, I have entered events (I don't refer to them as races :D ), I always take my running kit when I travel and I have made some great friends - all through C25K. Fantastic!

  • Yes, it's conducted 7 times over the summer 11 April, 2 May, 6 June, 4 July, 1 August, 5 September and 3 October in 2016.

  • But actually, I would probably not necessarily go for event. I would just run the route by myself...

  • Nice idea. Personally, I prefer to run on my own. I enter events because I need something to aim for, but on the whole I am a solitary runner :) The crush and rush of many other people is not for me. Enjoy it :)

  • Hey, hey, hey he did it!! Congratulations Iben. Lucky you running in nice , (flat), lovely Denmark. All those yummy cakes, pastries and rosinenboller to celebrate with too.

  • Congratulations! That's fantastic

  • Many congratulations! All the best for your future running journey. Keep posting....

  • Congratulations it feels great doesn't it – good to hear you celebrated in style!

  • Well done you !!!! How awesome must it feel to have earned that graduation badge. I'm on Week 4 and taking inspiration from you guys who have done this to help on my journey . Congratulations 😀😀😀

  • Hi Ibencopenhagen. Congrats on your big achievement ☺. Do lovely to see your graduate badge. Been for my first post grad run today still listening to Laura. Must download some new music to my ipod. Congrats again x

  • Thanks Tilly48. We both look good with our badges on🏅. I also ran my first postgraduate run today together with a much faster and fitter 70 year old (my father in law). Kind of depressing to be so slow. But I try instead to focus on how far I have come in just 9 weeks🏃🏃🏃

  • Congrats on earning your badge. It is a real inspiration to follow other peoples' stories on here :)

  • Thank you - you'll have yours before you know it.

  • Congratulations Iben👏👏👏 !

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