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Running gone down the pan

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I am so disappointed that I haven't been able to run since late January. I have menieres disease and the symptoms have flared up for a few weeks and my balance and energy has gone. I was over the moon when I completed c25k but I fear I will have to start over from week 1 if my balance ever returns. I keep reading posts on this forum to keep my spirits up. Hopefully I will be back out there running soon like all you lovelies out there. Don't take anything for granted and enjoy every minute.

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sorry to hear that , my mother suffers with it also so I know how debilitating that can be !! hope you are feeling more up to running again so

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sandy8922Graduate in reply to Slow_Rob

Thank you. Yes it is a miserable affliction. Hope your mum is ok.

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Slow_RobGraduate in reply to sandy8922

at the moment she is doing fine, thank you for asking :D

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Sorry your running is on hold, it must be very frustrating having to stop having completed the program. I hope you will be able to get out there running again soon.

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sandy8922Graduate in reply to Zev1963

I hope so too. I was looking forward to light nights and getting outdoors after work but thats on hold for the moment. Thanks for the support.

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Uuuugh - poor you. I had labrynthitis last year and it was horrid. Can you keep up with some gentle walking while waiting for your symptoms to calm down ?

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sandy8922Graduate in reply to ajwyld

Hi there. Thanks for your message. I will have to wait until things settle down a bit more before I can do much. I am trapped in the house at the moment. I am fed up of it all! Hopefully things will improve soon.

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GettingFitterGraduate in reply to ajwyld

So sorry to hear you have this my MIL has it and it is a real b***ard of a disease. I also got labrynthitis last year but found running actually helped (on a treadmill between the arms and hanging on at times)

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sandy8922Graduate in reply to GettingFitter

That is interesting. I will bear it in mind. Just been to see specialist this morning. They are having Saturday clinics due to long waiting list. your opinion on menieres is bob on! Thanks to you and everyone for support and suggestions. This is such a good forum. I can't wait to get running again.

I'm so sorry that your health issue is keeping you from running. That's hard. But you know what? You've done this before so when you're ready to get out there again your body will remember and I bet you'll move through the weeks pretty quickly. Keep posting here. There seems to be a lot of activity at the minute!

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sandy8922Graduate in reply to Irishprincess

I hope you are right. Thanks for your support.

I've just tentatively started running again this week after a bit of an MS episode for a few weeks which, like you, had me very wobbly and fatigued. I had a go at W5R1 on the first day, and found it quite easy, then W5R2 which also caused me no problems at all. Possibly the 20 minuter tomorrow if I feel ok. It knocks me out later in the day and I have to have a lie down in the afternoons, but it's worth it to get moving again.

Why not have a go at Wk 4 or 5 when you feel well enough and I think you'll be pleasantly surprised.

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Hello thanks for your message and we'll done on your progress. I may well do what you suggest but will have to wait and see what my level of fitness when I get back to it. Thanks again and good luck.

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Hi I have also had to start from week 1 after a long pause due to this and that. Here is something to cheer u up. Second time round it goes better and u are more confident cause you know you can do it cause you already have done it. Keep up your spirits. Hope all your troubles blow over. Hugs

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sandy8922Graduate in reply to gracecassar

Thanks for your support. I hope you are right I will post again when I get back to it.

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Sorry to hear that, I know how awful those symptoms can be. I suffer with dizziness and loss of balance too, strangely so far I'm fine while I'm running... hope you feel better soon x

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